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The Field of Virtual Representation: Visualization Modes - Part 2

Following up our introduction to virtual representation in the field of landscape architecture, today we move on to focus upon the various recognized 3D-rendering visualization types of our practice, each serving different purposes utilizing a variety of different styles: plan views, elevations, perspectives, and even sections. 717 more words

Landscape Architecture

The Field of Virtual Representation: Choosing the Flavors - Part 1

The word ‘render’ comes from its Latin root reddere, meaning ‘to give back’, and is often used to describe either an action or a noun related to a ‘representation’ or ‘performance’. 422 more words

Landscape Architecture

Are You an Empath?

I always knew I was an empath from an early age. I could sense other’s emotions and easily became overwhelmed with the feelings. This has continued throughout my life, and I am only now learning to explore these connections. 398 more words

Empathic Connections

ONA: Which visualization tool should I use?

The good news is that there are a number of visualization tools available in the market. The tough news is that options leave people confused. Here I am going to try run through some of the tools and talk about the plausible pros and cons. 500 more words


NPM Galaxies

Two days ago, Andrei Kashcha posted this video on Youtube. It’s pretty amazing and show us how big the nodejs/javascript ecosystem is !

And by ecosystem, I mean GALAXIES of modules : 13 more words