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Visual Japan Summit 2016 - X Japan | YOSHIKI

從前天開始也下起endless rain , 大雨不停, 三號颭風也掛了兩天。

星期六是朋友的big  day (wedding day) , (這幾天也是X Japan 的 ”big day” – Visual Japan Summit 2016 ) 原本完成全日的拍攝便有數小時break 可趕去機場往東京看星期一的fashion show , 之前用上幾晚擬好的行程編排也擱置, 因為一星期前感染了傷風和咳得勵害, 開頭連聲也𨍭了。最後立即決定在香港戲院看live viewing , 一同感受20幾年後的X Japan 在東京的演出。 137 more words

Where is next ? "We are X" film & Yoshiki

“We are X” film  is one of the Top  5 Must-See  best movies  in 2016.  During the daily life, you can see Yoshiki is always hardworking on Twitter /Social media. 193 more words

Black Girls Are Kawaii!

So Excited!!!

I will be coming at you for season 2 for Black Girls Are Kawaii !! Youtube Channel.

There are are soo many beautiful girls that can teach you everything there is to know about being kawaii, from makeup tutorials to fashion and product hauls. 34 more words

Lolita Fashion

Lydiar will disband.

Another – not so long-lived – band that will disband.
Lydiar has announced that they will end their journey after their live at Ikebukuro BLACK HOLE on November 6th. 43 more words