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2 Years & 2 Weeks Married! | Cane Quest

The highlight of our week was…Cane Quest!

On Saturday, we volunteered at an event called Cane Quest. Cane Quest is a competition hosted by the Braille Institute where kids who are blind or visually impaired put their white cane and independent travel skills to the test. 144 more words


Donation helps support visually impaired students in Saskatchewan

Sitting in the Confederation Park School library, Xavier Stonechild-Dorward reads his Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials book out loud – gently moving his fingertips across the… 404 more words


Pickering Soccer Club helps visually impaired play the sport

Sport has a way of bringing people together no matter what language or disability.

The Pickering Soccer Club recently introduced a program for the visually impaired — one of only a handful in the province. 459 more words


Budapest Day Three - Amazing Experience

45,000 steps and 22 miles of walking later, we are on a 6 hour bus journey to Ljubljana. Here’s how we got here…

We got up at 8am and got ready. 1,843 more words

Video: Ten Blind Parenting Hacks

A shout out to my beautiful heart sister Jenna for suggesting this video. Please check out her incredible blog here!

It can be the small things that make being a blind parent a little easier. 114 more words


Disability in the Workplace (or, Lack Thereof)

A thought came to mind today as I continued with yet another day of job hunting: Why is it that the unemployment rate within the disability community is so high? 353 more words


Simplify Your Clothes Part 2: Adding Colour

Audio Clip 1 Audio Clip 2

So after part 1, your clothes should be nice and simple. All your leather goods are black, and all your clothes are black, grey, white or navy. 947 more words