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Monitoring OUD with VisualVM

VisualVM is a visual tool integrating several command line JDK tools and lightweight profiling capabilities. Designed for both production and development time use, it further enhances the capability of monitoring and performance analysis for the Java SE platform. 323 more words


Groovy JMX Bean Monitoring

Head Note

It’s been a while since i have last written an article, i guess life got a little bit more complex ever since it was filled by our two little kids :) Time is now such an expensive resource, haha. 3,074 more words


How to detect and fix Memory Leak – OutOfMemoryError

Step 1: To detect and fix a memory leak in Java, we will be using JVisualVM which is free open source tool that comes bundled with JDK. 434 more words

Heap Dump Generation

Java memory model consists of Heap memory, Thread stacks, Perm gen area.
Heap is memory area which is used for allocating memory for class instances and arrays are created. 411 more words


Java Deadlock Example and How to analyze deadlock situation

Deadlock is a programming situation where two or more threads are blocked forever, this situation arises with at least two threads and two or more resources. 1,551 more words


Connecting remote JVM over JMX using VisualVM or JConsole

There are many posts over the Internet on how to do it right, but unfortunately none worked for me (debian behind firewall on the server side, reached over VPN from my local Mac). 96 more words


Configure VisualVM on Ubuntu 14.10

VisualVM is a kind of data gathering software for application which are running under the Java Virtual Machines (JVM). This retrieve information related to the Java application, like heap size, heap dumps, RAM utilisation, CPU utilisation, thread count and so on. 739 more words