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The Vital Spark

There’s a point where the results of exploring ideas, even idle messing around with materials of any kind, suddenly come alive, ‘quicken’ as the work-to-be makes itself known the way a baby does with its first kick… before that there’s a glimpse of what could be, but this is the point where suddenly disparate elements reveal how they will mesh… after that vital [ having remarkable energy, liveliness, or force of personality ] moment, the work can follow its own rhythm. 352 more words

In Conversation: The Late Victorian World of the Music Hall

I recently had a long chat with Lola Wingrove, our collaborator on ‘The Vital Spark’ and an expert on women in Victorian music-hall performance. Many interesting issues were raised in this conversation, which we hope will come through in the finished work. 1,565 more words


The Vital Spark: A New Project

We’ve hinted at new things on the HIDden horizon. One of them is, on the surface, a big departure for us- but it’s very exciting. This is a new piece of drama, tentatively titled The Vital Spark. 380 more words



Vital Spark (C) 2014 by Debi Bradford


Inverarary, Scotland, is a truly charming village located in western Scotland on Loch Fyne.  We were here a very short time, slogging through narrow, picturesque streets through a steady, gentle rainfall.  85 more words


The Diary of a Nobody - Episode 6

The sixth installment introduces Mr. Pooter’s son, Lupin. I intend to check in about a year’s time to ascertain whether the runaway success of my blog, and this feature in particular, has resulted in a sudden surge in the popularity of Lupin as a boy’s name. 1,888 more words


Does This Float Your Boat?

The ‘puffers’ were small steam boats that plied their trade on the Clyde. Their origin is in the boats that serviced the Royal Navy ships. 67 more words


Vital Spark and Artic Penguin, Inveraray.

Nikon D7000, 18-200mm vr2 lens
Vital Spark and Artic Penguin, Inveraray.
Landscape photography by : Nigel Borrington

Vital Spark and Artic Penguin, Inveraray.

There is some 20 years gap between the two photographs in this post both taken at… 760 more words

Nigel Borrington