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Mock Meats

There are several forms of veggie meats (or meatfree meat or meatless meat or mock meat); from VTP (vegtable textured protein) and veggie sausage to Seitan (wheatmeat) and forms of mock bacon. 1,158 more words


Greek-ish Orzo Salad with bean balls

So this weekend, I made a Greek inspired orzo salad, made only with ingredients I could find in our pantry and fridge, which is going to be a lot of what this blog is, because I find a lot of recipes require either a) a ridiculous number of ingredients, or b) too much time. 532 more words

A Budget Friendly Vegan

Vital Wheat Gluten

If you are a baker or an avid home cook you will have noticed a few recipes requesting a small amount of vital wheat gluten, but what exactly is vital wheat gluten and what is its purpose? 254 more words