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Debunking Folks' Medical Advice: Part 6

Here’s another installment on this series, which are among the popular posts in this blog.

1. Eat carrots, for it will improve your eyesight.

I am sure many of you have heard this from your parents and your grandparents. 1,116 more words


Vitamin A

I don’t think anyone ever likes being sick. During winter months one of the things I keep in abundance are items that contain Vitamin A. Vitamin A is wonderful during winter months because it plays a key role in helping the immune system function. 252 more words

The More You Know

Sweet Potato Toast

What a wonderful discovery this was! Finally found a super satisfying and tasty breakfast – or brunch –  suitable for all year round eating! A great alternative to gluten free toast – possibly cheaper too. 154 more words

What I Eat In A Day

My Weekly Favourite Skin Care Videos

If you are like me, obsessed with everything skin care, you probably may know some of the YouTubers or have watched some of these videos I’ll share. 84 more words


Why Retin-A is the Best Kept Secret for Aging Skin

Stop whatever you are doing! If you don’t have Retin-A or a Retinol in your skin care routine, get it immediately! Let’s begin this post with all the amazing benefits of Retin-A! 606 more words


My second visit to the Environ Institute

It was so good to be back to the Environ Institute. My last experience at the Institute was so incredible, I was really excited to go in for my second treatment. 795 more words


Vegetable of the Month!


I love carrots and a roast dinner is just not complete without them! As November is starting to get really cold and extremely wet, it is now that we  turn to comforting, filling warm winter food – casseroles, stews, roasts all containing the humble carrot! 1,295 more words