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Are your eyes, skin, and immune system indicating that you might be lacking in vitamin A?

One of the first signs of a possible vitamin A deficiency is poor night vision, an inability of the eyes to adjust to darkness.  Additional signs that a lack of vitamin A may be affecting the eyes are difficulty distinguishing between blue and yellow, dry or inflamed eyes, and styes.   787 more words

What's the deal with GM

Often people react nervously to the subject of genetic modification of our food. So given our current situation, is this fear justified? Are GMOs a gift from science or are they a menace best kept at bay? 671 more words


A is for Vitamin A

What is Vitamin A and why does our body require it:

There are two types of Vitamin A available in for the human diet and they are Preformed Vitamin A which are found in animal sources and there is provitamin A which is from plant source. 94 more words


Watercress plant blocks breast cancer growth

Health benefits of Watercress

  • Peppery and tangy flavored cress is a storehouse of many natural phytonutrients like isothiocyanates that have health promotional and disease prevention properties.
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“B” Beautiful Inside and Out

We’re buzzing about B Vitamins because they are fundamental for energy production. Skin is the largest organ in our body, and we need to support it by eating the right foods. 480 more words

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Dash of Pink

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Nutrition Labels to Become Easier for you to Decipher

So often, clients come to be confused about nutrition labels. What should they be looking for? What should they avoid? Some basics are:

  1. Be careful about serving sizes.
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