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2016 World Food Prize

2016 World Food Prize has been awarded to the four scientists- Dr. Maria Andrade, Dr. Robert Mwanga, Dr. Jan Low and Dr. Howard Bouis.
They are recognised for their work developing the vitamin-enriched orange-fleshed sweet potato. 107 more words

Anti-Cancer Nutrition

When you cut an apple, oxygen turns it brown, but if you cover it with lemon juice, it will retain its natural color.  The antioxidants in lemon juice protect the apple from damage.   561 more words

Sweet Spuds

Fall is the perfect season to remind everyone to consume more sweet potatoes. Like pumpkin, they are usually enjoyed on Thanksgiving Day and then promptly forgotten about until the following year. 466 more words

Healthy People

Anti-Aging Vitamins for skin

No one  want a wrinkled skin and that’s why people use different type of anti-aging creams,lotion and serum.Specially girls are more conscious about their skin.Not only tonics and serum are beneficial for beautiful skin but our daily food also effect our skin.So today’s post about the food that can keep you younger :- 192 more words


What you need to know about Butternut Squash: 7 nutritious facts!

Butternut squash, often called Winter squash, is a delicious and nutritious food at any time of year. With its inviting orange colour and unique taste, it’s a great addition to any autumn menu and there are so many ways to prepare and enjoy it. 920 more words