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Red Velvet Bliss Balls - gluten and dairy-free

A treat snack food made with healthy fat and vitamin rich vegetables??? Who would say NO to that? Not me. :-)

These gluten/dairy-free little beauties look so decadent, are deliciously soft, almost “moussey” and are just the perfect amount sweet. 431 more words

3 ACE Vitamins for Skincare!

Ok so just recently during our consultations I have had a client tell me they are happy with their current products and then go on to explain – I use this serum because it has lemon grass in it, I use this toner as its all natural, I use this eye cream as its organic and love my moisturiser because I have always used it!!! 592 more words


Vitamin A (Introduction)

Hi, Everyone. This week has been really busy for me but I was determined to not stand you up this week. Lol. Today’s post will be short but I’ll continue next week. 204 more words


"You Can't Spoil Porridge With Too Much Butter"

All my grandmother’s recipes had the word “oleo” in them. I used to wonder what the heck oleo was but since, to my 10-year-old mind, it sounded like the word “Oreo” I couldn’t help thinking that it had to be great. 667 more words


Sweet potato soup

I consider sweet potatoes a near-perfect food. I know they’re considered a starch, and those trying to lose weight might avoid them, but they’re full of so much goodness. 546 more words


Sweet Potato Carob Brownies

No sugar, no flour, just healthy whole ingredients to make this fudgy sweet dessert. Packed full of vitamin A, omega 3’s, and fiber – these brownies are sure to please your palate. 121 more words