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Why Some People Become Big

Why do some people become Big. By Big I mean Big Brother/Sister which also mean there is a little brother/sister. Another form of backdoor relationship marketing is the Big Brother/Sister program. 688 more words



Now that the cold temperatures are here and I have no garden tales to tell, I’m finally getting around to a subject I’ve been mulling around for some time. 332 more words


What Do You Do With That?

Kettlebells seem to be showing up everywhere. Guys & gals in the park, lined up & down the river banks, on mountain tops, in gyms, CrossFit Boxes & meticulously outfitted garages . 304 more words


The Importance of Buying Quality Supplements

Prior to when I began this nontoxic journey in 2012 and added several vitamins to help relieve my hypothyroidism symptoms, I didn’t think it mattered much which brand of vitamins I bought.That is, until I went to buy some vitamin C at a big box retailer and noticed a suspicious ingredient: sodium laurel sulfate! 476 more words


Stolen School Bus Turns Vitamin Shoppe Into A Drive-Thru Store

It’s a very fortunate thing that Vitamin Shoppe isn’t open at 3:20 in the morning, after someone driving a stolen school bus crashed through the front of a Pennsylvania location, ending up completely inside the store. 197 more words