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When Some is Worse Than None

I happen to believe that there are some cases where the only entity that can be effective at curing an ill of society is government. There are those that believe only the market can effectively cure ills that take place in the marketplace. 1,214 more words


Loading up at The Vitamin Shoppe

Nothing more important than L-Glutamine for post excercise muscle recovery. Followed by L-Carnitine and Pyruvate. I’ll dive into more details about these later.

Not All Vitamins are Created Equal

Prior to when I began this nontoxic journey in 2012 and added several vitamins to help relieve my hypothyroidism symptoms, I didn’t think it mattered much which brand of vitamins I bought.That is, until I went to buy some vitamin C at a big box retailer and noticed a suspicious ingredient: sodium laurel sulfate! 366 more words


My Daily Supplements

As the new year has finally kicked off, I think almost everyone I know has some sort of resolution/plan to improve their health. It might also have to do with Spring Break and Summer looming over us, as it’s all we can think about  with all this cold weather! 716 more words

Daily Life

Shake Em Up

Wow! Yesterday was physically exhausting at work. I was glad to finally be off.

Today was errand day. I spent a good chunk of the day playing Grand Theft Auto V. 188 more words


Quantity or Quality?

Look what showed up on my newsfeed on Facebook this morning?

The minute I saw this, I wasted no time and grabbed my box of Nu Viza GenKi and held it up to my screen. 26 more words


Always room for improvement


Dear GNC’s Senior Vice President of Marketing, Amy Davis:
You are doing an excellent job when it comes to marketing your company on the main Social Media sites.   203 more words