Skin perfection gluten-free

After 2 weeks of complete skin disaster, my skin finally looks normal again. The itching and rashes are gone. I have been taking omega 3 and loads of vitamins daily , and have not touched gluten in a week, and it paid off. 265 more words

Skin Issues

Weekmenu: week 8

Echt? Laatste volle week van februari? Nu al? Bon.

Na een weekendje hele-short-ski gaan we proberen de vitamientjes nog verder te boosten met veel groentjes en fruit. 99 more words


Comment devenir végétalien?

Pour devenir végétalien, il suffit de changer d’habitude et d’accepter de sortir de son régime alimentaire restrictif. Sur la route, on y découvre aussi comment bien se nourrir en fonction des besoins de son corps et où trouver les nutriments essentiels à sa bonne santé. 1,405 more words


Health: Kruidvat huid, haar en nagels

Hey guys,

Three months ago one of my friends told me about the Kruidvat huid, haar en nagels vitamine pills. I started reading some reviews about the pills, and noticed there were a lot of different opinions about it… So I decided to try them out myself! 253 more words



Liste des jus & thés utilisés dans le guide nutritionnel Freeletics. 28 more words



Liste des fruits utilisés dans le guide nutritionnel Freeletics. 43 more words


Super-food Sunday: Blueberries

Now, blueberries have been highly regarded for their health benefits, but also under scrutiny because of their super-food status being questioned as another FAD.

However, I can assure you that they have an abundance of vitamins and nutrients that are amazing for your health and also your immune system. 269 more words