Superfoods & Supplements: Vitamin D3


Vitamin D3 is a very important element of everyone’s diet, no matter if you’re amateur or pro athlete or not a sports person at all. 313 more words


Hide and seek

So if you read my post 4 weddings and a funeral, than you are now a champion of vital nurturing: seeking for all the small elements that bring vitality in our plates and bodies. 439 more words


4 weddings and a funeral

We all have seen this film at least for sexy Hugh Grant, right?

Clue no 1: This post isn’t about the menu served during the film. 466 more words



In the article Antioxidants | Antioxydants I mentioned “superfoods”.
Dans l’article Antioxidants | Antioxydants j’ai mentionné les « superfood ».

These are foods that have high levels of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and provide a supplement of other nutrients (proteins, fibres, good fats, etc) to your diet. 1,002 more words


Natural Treatments for the Common Cold

There are many natural vitamins and herbs that have been studied over the years to help reduce symptoms of a cold.


Vitamins and minerals | Vitamines et minéraux

Vitamins and minerals are substances, which are totally organic and considered to be essentials, in small amounts, to sustain life.

Les vitamines et minéraux sont des substances qui sont organiques et considérés essentiels, en petite quantité, pour le fonctionnement de notre organisme. 1,490 more words


Livres de lecture gratuits Les Vitamines, minéraux et oligoéléments - ABC en ligne

Lean Luc DARRIGOL- Editions Grancher 14 x 21 – 360 pages Les vitamines, les oligoĂ©lĂ©ments et lesminĂ©raux sont trois grandes familles nutritionnelles permettant de satisfaireles besoins de l’organisme humain en Ă©lĂ©ments essentiels Ă  son fonctionnement. 168 more words