Health: Kruidvat huid, haar en nagels

Hey guys,

Three months ago one of my friends told me about the Kruidvat huid, haar en nagels vitamine pills. I started reading some reviews about the pills, and noticed there were a lot of different opinions about it… So I decided to try them out myself! 253 more words



Liste des jus & thés utilisés dans le guide nutritionnel Freeletics. 28 more words



Liste des fruits utilisés dans le guide nutritionnel Freeletics. 43 more words


Super-food Sunday: Blueberries

Now, blueberries have been highly regarded for their health benefits, but also under scrutiny because of their super-food status being questioned as another FAD.

However, I can assure you that they have an abundance of vitamins and nutrients that are amazing for your health and also your immune system. 269 more words


Vitamin K Deficiency Bleeding in Newborns

In recent years, I have noticed increased hesitancy and even plain refusal from new parents to allow their babies to receive Vitamin K intramuscular injection at birth. 484 more words