La nutrition dans le monde moderne

Une bonne alimentation est gage de bonne santé. Toutefois, dans notre société rapide, il peut parfois être difficile de manger sain et équilibré avec des ingrédients variés. 360 more words

Zinc can increase testosterone in men

There’s a detailed relationship between mineral zinc and also the male hormone testosterone. This substance accounts for bodybuilding along with other male characteristics. Most importantly her purpose of maintaining the correct functioning from the male genitalia along with the libido. 29 more words


Waarom vlees goed is voor mensen

Vlees moet je doen!

De mensheid eet al vlees voor eeuwen. De bacteriën zijn goed voor je lichaam en alle vitamines, mineralen en zuren heb je nodig. 179 more words


Supplements, yes or no.

With the current trend towards more holistic styles of life, it is important to make decisions for yourself regarding supplementing your diet with natural health products.


Carrot apple lime juice

As you may or may not have seen on my Instagram account (Bitsnbitez) I am now the proud owner of a Princess juicer. Finally, because I wanted one for ages. 434 more words


Persimmon or Kaki for some of you is in my opinion food for God. Exactly, it is an incredible fruit with all kind of features. First, the orange color and texture from outside is attractive because it contains vitamins A and C. 113 more words


Gezond eten..

Soms moet je de balans in je lichaam herstellen. Door gezonder te eten.. Wist je dat broccoli werkt tegen rimpels en doperwtjes liftend werken..? Ook wortels, druiven, olijven, appels en granaatappel zitten vol antioxidanten! 349 more words