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giving stuff away a tough emotional process

I’m not going to pretend that giving our stuff away was all roses and unicorns coz it certainly wasn’t. It was tough emotionally. I was attached to our stuff. 449 more words

Emotional Attachment

Do you Blend?

Smoothies | Protein Shakes can be high nutrient, delicious body fuel!  The VitaMix in my house is used nearly every day and usually multiple times.  Savory hot soups, decadent frozen desserts and of course yummy healthy shakes and smoothies are easy to master. 246 more words


The right tools make all the difference...

in the kitchen, especially if you want to be happy, healthy and hot!  Here are the things I couldn’t live without: 766 more words

More tight shorts

A few weeks ago I wrote a post called My shorts are too tight and it has received more hits than anything else I have written.   869 more words

The Alkalizing Green Smoothie

So what is it with the smoothie craze these days? One reason is that smoothies allow you to get in a lot of plant nutrients in one meal in liquid form instead of trying to eat the same amount of foods at one sitting. 362 more words


Ten Things a Vegan Kitchen Must Have

So you’re new to veganism? Congratulations on embarking upon a journey to improve to the health of your family and our planet. They say that once you become vegan you continue to find reasons to stay vegan, and I have found that to be true. 1,561 more words

Sticky Ginger Cake

I have an amazing, foolproof recipe for ginger cake that has always been my go-to recipe…until cutting out gluten and refined sugar. It was full of sugar, treacle and syrup, and coated in more syrup. 142 more words