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Thin Mint Smoothie

Like most people I know, I love Girl Scout cookies, especially thin mints.  Last year I bought something like 10 boxes of them, storing them in my freezer to carefully dole out over the year.   235 more words

Sunday soup excavation: Spinach, apple, sweet pea

So. Today was disgusting. Slush, freezing rain, general nastiness. A perfect soup day. Also a perfect “no way in hell am I going outside” day. So that means one of two things: Delivery (options are limited in my neck of the woods) or dance with the one what brung ya. 287 more words


Green Smoothie

I have been struggling with making a green smoothie that does not taste bitter. After much experimentation, I think I have it down.

I first start by blending my green (I prefer baby kale or baby spinach) with my liquid base. 81 more words


Breville Hemisphere Blender

Juicing: but not the kind with steroids

Nga’s been getting into the juicing craze, where you blend all kinds of green veggies and then force it down your throat because it’s really good for you…and it’s efficient. 518 more words

Product Reviews

Gingers. (Not people with red hair, that's a whole different topic)

Welp. We got a Vitamix blender for our wedding shower. (All Vitamix owners say, “Yea, but it’s sooo much more than a blender!”) You guys, it’s so much more than a blender. 356 more words


Creamy Three Mushroom Soup

So it’s been really really cold this winter. All I want to do is curl up inside with my dog and watch the world go by from inside my warm and toasty house. 370 more words


High Five Friday - February 27

Happy Friday my friends!

The fav five from the past couple of weeks…

1. Adrift Float Spa – I first heard about “floating” a few years ago while listening to a podcast, so when a friend mentioned going I was definitely in. 270 more words

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