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BACK TO BASICS: How to grind your own nutritious flour for Tortilla/Bread in 1 minute?

 Why did our moms and grand mothers use to take so much pain in making everything from scratch? Most of us would have never given a second thought, like I did for years.  424 more words


Recipe of the Day: ABC-G Juice

I think I may start posting a recipe / food recap of the day! It would keep me in the habit of posting regularly and also motivate me to eat well, since I’m sharing. 245 more words


Travels, a Disturbing Trend with Pillows, and a Kid Who Can't Differentiate Foods...


Okay, so I went out of town for a few days, and had some great food!  I also had lunch with a friend before I went, some simple eats and drinks, and a happy hour with D!   576 more words

Strawberry rhubarb crisp + vanilla bean ice cream (vegan & gf)

Ya know how there are those days when everything is just a little off? You spill juice (just like a 3 year old) all over your light colored dress as soon as you get to work, forget why you went to the copier only to remember as you are getting back at your desk, burn popcorn, twice, because you get distracted by the kitten pictures your sister-in-law sends you. 547 more words


The Timeless Green Monster

4 years later, my friend Julia will still randomly remind me of how, in high school, I did a demo presentation in English class for how to make a Green Monster smoothie, and how much she loved it and still thinks of me regularly when she drinks them. 314 more words


Dinner Tonight: Apple Butternut Squash Soup with Bacon

Chunk Mighty and I finally replaced our old Ninja blender with a refurbished Vitamix.  Since the day I unwrapped it, he’s asked me to make him butternut squash soup.   194 more words

Butternut Squash

Strawberries For Days


On Saturday morning, A and I went strawberry picking.  And pretty much everything has revolved around it since!

I did have one food fail, though I take no immediate blame :)  I wanted a fresh loaf of bread, and it came out hard as a rock.   912 more words