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My Go-To Dairy-Free Breakfast Smoothies

My Dairy-Free Breakfast Series wouldn’t be complete without a few of my favorite smoothie recipes. A year ago my husband and I got a NutriBullet blender… 255 more words


mango + strawberry smoothie

It’s a 50/50 shot when you’re cleaning out the fridge with how a recipe turns out. I find it can be a total flop or having to get creative with ingredients ends with a new favourite. 65 more words


The Mushroom Lover's Soup

Anyone here love mushrooms?

I know of people who hate mushrooms and cannot even stomach the thought of them and that makes me want to weep because I love it. 518 more words


Healthier Eating For Dummies

One doesn’t have to watch much of the news or scroll down their social media pages to see there is a lot of disagreement in the world.  860 more words

Jeff Schubert

GET ME OUTTA HERE (aka - Cabin Fever Stinks)


Well, this week has been a fun little challenge of “can’t go outside, so whip up fun stuff with what you have in the house!”. 931 more words

Detox Juice Recipe "Green Fighting Machine"

Juicing is a great and easy way to detox your system and fill up on vitamins and nutrients. Many people use juicing machines which give you a smooth pulp free juice. 74 more words

Radish Soup

My friend gave me a pound of radishes to play with- a whole pound!  One of my favorite ways to eat radishes is sliced with butter and salt.  191 more words