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Just Send Cauli-flowers to my Funeral

The cauliflower was a deep golden color…the most beautiful cauliflower I had ever seen, 24 carat gold and perfectly shaped. I made the entire head into a soup with sauteed onions, cumin, coriander, cardamon, turmeric, smoky paprika and pink Himalayan salt. 142 more words


Homemade Baby Food - Green Beans

Have you ever tried making your own baby food? I tried my hand at making some green beans for my 6 month old. After researching all over to determine the best way to do it, I decided to steam the green beans instead of boiling them. 237 more words


Mango Coconut Banana Ice Cream

More fresh, raw vegan, simple and easy ice creams, made with only 4 ingredients! This can also be made into a smoothie bowl as well as ice cream. 207 more words


desi takeover of italy: indian spiced foccacia

I love baking bread, both in the bread machine and in the conventional oven. Absolutely love it. My goal is to make a sour dough bread from scratch but I’m a bit intimidated by all the steps one has to take to reach that perfect, Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco level. 317 more words

Electic Experiments

Easy Chocolate Popsicles! 

A refreshing summer treat that cools you down and is healthy? Sounds good to me!

I am dairy and gluten free but these simple popsicles are so good you can’t taste the difference! 113 more words

My new kitchen toy: Vitamix. Worth invested!!

Since our last blender broken, we haven’t got a new one for a while. I thought I would be fine living without a blender for the rest of my life until one imposive purchase in store after watching the demo of Vitamix. 288 more words

Tips & Tools

After a Week of Website Drama, I'm Back with TONS of Pics - Food, Cats, and Anniversary Fun

Well, due to some website technical difficulties for the past week, I’m finally back up and running!  


This has been one of those weeks that’s a combination of at-home meals, and dining on the go.   594 more words