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man behind umbrella

You can try and hide behind the umbrella. you can hide behind your interpretation of the law. you can hide inside your home behind your money and your discourse. 83 more words

The Short Memory of Republican Obstructionists

Today’s Republicans are complaining loudly about two things. They say the level of political obstruction and vitriol are unprecedented in our history. Never before, they say, has a party made such an effort to discredit and defeat another party’s people and goals. 970 more words



Deep state pretense, ALEC and bigotry are red meat for liberals, just as supposed Second Amendment rights are to the opposition, but I think we are spinning our wheels on the only real issue up for grabs, i.e., who gets to exercise political power – Democrats or Republicans. 167 more words

No Topic

I know you have read and heard all of the arguments. Ad nauseam.

Regardless of which side you support.

Do I even need to bring up the topic? 361 more words


At the Peak of Our Development, are We  Starting to Devolve?


January 31, 2018

The Sum of All Fears

Being a voracious reader on a limited budget, I read a lot of e-books these days.  The current state of English grammar – or the lack thereof – is troubling to me.   362 more words

Life, The Universe & Everything

Word of the Week #96:


We are at a very interesting point in human history.

Why interesting?

Well, on this very day 70 years ago, a man who preached peace and brotherhood to a torn and troubled people was shot and killed for his troubles… 99 more words


Neglected Bradford Industries: Vitriol (sulphuric acid) making

I expect everyone will remember dilute sulphuric acid from school chemistry, or the contents of car batteries. In the Middle Ages alchemists made the concentrated acid, … 859 more words