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Essays by Carl Nelson

The Day I’m Not Called a Bigot, Racist, Islamophobe, Homophobe, Misogynist, Reactionary or Racist is the Day I’ve Failed My Country and Two Thousand Years of History… 505 more words


On gamers

I play games on the World Wide Web.

Interact with other players as the games ebb.

I’ve learned a lot about the hominal psyche,

It can be wonderful and, at times, spiky. 138 more words

Rhyming Story

3. If you want to change things, start by changing yourself

I was reading a self-help article, “13 things to remember when you’re going through tough times.” And number three is “The world you face on the outside often reflects your feelings and attitudes on the inside. 331 more words


The minute I meet her eye, I can tell she’s gonna let something out. There’s crazy wafting off her like cartoon stink lines. ‘Poisonous being,’ she yells. 73 more words


On the Occasion of my Sister's 30th Birthday

November 21st 2015

On this day 30 years ago, I was a nearly 15 year-old freshman in high school. I was crossing the courtyard when my name was paged over the intercom to come to the office. 658 more words


Be hated?

I thought I would post this video (H/T Victor) by Veritasium who, last year, posted a video called 13 misconceptions about global warming. This new video is him discussing the fall out from his climate change video and, given the title, focuses on being hated. 384 more words

Climate Change

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Definition: (noun) Abusive or venomous language used to express blame or censure or bitter deep-seated ill will. Synonyms: invective… 27 more words