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Amongst the detritus scooped up in the process of making the Glove Of Bones visual document were a number of signs of symbols from pre-history, antiquity and the later middle ages. 20,003 more words

Black & White


I had delusions,


That shot a,


Suggesting to my,

Frazzled mind.

That all is,


I know this to be,

Vitriol. 12 more words


V.I.T.R.I.O.L. ( Sulfuric Acid)

The Secret of Alchemy  Phase  1     : Preparation  From Wikipedia The Chamber of Reflection 8,064 more words

The Answering Machine Message

A few years ago I came home and found this on my answering machine … for a wrong number. My flatmates and I cacked ourselves for weeks as we played it over and over and started to recite bits back at each other. 29 more words

Oh, the outrage!

It never ceases to amuse/concern me how people are so quick to outrage on social media these days.  My Facebook and Twitter feeds this evening have been clogged by the recent atrocity that Miley Cyrus has committed.   527 more words

Analyse Me

Tongue So Sharp

You’re a clever bugger
A proper bright spark
Mind so sharp
It sees the light before the lark
Glib of tongue
and sharp of wit… 154 more words

Rushing to the Beckon Call

Political talk

Hate concealed in persiflage

Osmotic poison