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If there’s one bunch of people I particularly hate with a passion, it’s that hockey team from Jyväskylä.

What they lack in actual skill, they make up for in bodymass and Neanderthal-tendencies. 264 more words



Gillo Dorfles (106 and kicking) surprises the art community (again), by presenting at the Palazzo della Triennale his last exploit. 317 more words


Merry Fucking Christmas

I hate Christmas.

Mostly what I hate is the traffic. Yesterday I went out to run a few errands. Just normal, everyday things like getting groceries and gas. 229 more words


Hitting It Big on Wordpress

Call me a douchebag, but it’s hard not to feel a certain loathing for bloggers.

And because I’m so thoroughly douchy, I don’t exclude myself from that hatred. 371 more words


Of Vitriol, Finger Wagging and Decorum

What we all witnessed during Public Comment at the last County Council meeting on Dec. 13 was no doubt pleasing to former Councilor David Madore. Finger wagging, threats of not being reelected for some perceived support of a project no longer on the table, allegations of governmental bullying that should land council members in federal prison as the former chair of the Clark County Republican Party chimed in how wise it would be to pay heed to those vitriolic outbursts. 732 more words

Clark County Issues

Styptic water (1756)

“Take Alum, white Vitriol, and green Vitriol, of each half an Ounce; dissolve them in Plantain and Knot-grass Water, of each six Ounces. Strain the Liquor for Use. 12 more words