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i'm sorry, what?

There’s a thin line between turning the other cheek and being a complete walk over. In situations where it’s called for, I’ve always tried to be the ‘better person’ by being understanding, forgiving, blah, blah, blah. 438 more words


What Part of “INDEPENDENT” is Misunderstood?

It seems a small but vocal fringe element we have seen highjacking conservatism and the Republican Party are very upset. My guess is seeing Councilor David Madore kicked to the curb in the latest election is difficult for them to accept since he holds some mysterious messiah like position with them. 745 more words

Clark County Issues

Vitriol Unleashed - My First WTF Twitter Experience

Most of my tweets in Twitterland are writing-related. Usually I’m lucky if I get a dozen notifications a week. This morning I awoke to 38 Twitter notifications – mostly abusive. 781 more words

This 'n That

Everyone Has a Choice: fear and love

Don’t Give In to Those Who Motivate by Fear

Fear of the other, fear of those not like us, fear of the strange and unfamiliar – these can be strong motivators when wielded by people with an agenda. 244 more words

130 - Turdface

Poem number 130

Bugger off you rancid fart
Your face is made of dough
Your ears are shrivelled, sweaty
And I really wish you’d go… 45 more words


Customer service

When we were at the “bar” last night (I hesitate to call it anything because it had zero atmosphere and barely passable food), a table of four normcores came in and of course they had to stare at us. 123 more words


Get off the carpet, are you the little match girl? What a friggin mess, and that floor is disgusting. You banged your head all right, that’s the only reason I could think of why you would be lying on that filthy carpet. 26 more words