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Something highly caustic or severe, as criticism.

Use it today: I couldn’t take the vitriol from my boss, so I left to enjoy National Margarita Day. 12 more words

Word Of The Day

Oh Ronald Coyne....

My first response to this story about a toff at Cambridge University burning £20 in front of a homeless man was ‘what a knob’…. and as the story has gone from local paper to national media I’ve watched the hate blossom and I genuinely feel a bit sorry for the lad. 635 more words

7 Writing Rules: #5 Avoid Reviews

Some people say that reading reviews can help to give you a pick me up (the good ones) or can serve as an indication of things you can improve on (both good and bad) or that you can take the criticism and toughen yourself up (the bad). 592 more words


Trump Trumps Brexit

Brexit and Donald Trump’s Presidential success have been, without doubt, the main talking points of 2016. Far be it from me to blow my own trumpet, but I called both of those. 617 more words


Yes, Indeed


Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.


I certainly can’t claim to have been overworked since early October. My sit muscles have been overworked, for sure, but that’s about it. 262 more words

Daily Prompt


If there’s one bunch of people I particularly hate with a passion, it’s that hockey team from Jyväskylä.

What they lack in actual skill, they make up for in bodymass and Neanderthal-tendencies. 266 more words