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Coffee Talk

If you have to drink water, shut up about it. Holy crap, you people who don’t drink coffee/soda/alcohol/juice/anything other than effing water. You self-righteous, stupid, friendless jags can just go drink your triple-filtered, homogenized, organic, pasteurized, holier-than-thou water (that you got from a tap, you wangs!) from your glass bottles underground with your troll friends because WE ALL KNOW YOU’RE SCARED OF THE SUN, TOO.

cathartic anathema

To elaborate. I had made breakthroughs as noted earlier. I had decided that the schism of the mind had to end. Tonight, I had planned to meditate on this, but instead, I was able for the first time to have a frank conversation with her about how I felt. 810 more words

Unapologetic Solipsism


It is too late now to change course. It was too late years ago, when it began; it was too late a year ago, when first I realized it was too late. 401 more words



Decertified should be from existence every and each
Entity that prospers in stupidity, vitriol and conceit.
Meager and forbidden, the fears. In unfixable glitch… 48 more words


it comes

I spit and remember. Every bad taste, a memory. Fear. Self-pity. Ressentiment.  In every memory, a copper tang, and upon every such tang, a patina of my own weakness. 600 more words



Mercy is disguised weakness.

The desire not to hurt is a weakness. At times a critical one, when the stars align such that your desire not to hurt causes more harm than simply hurting. 477 more words


Tidal Parking, Government by Commerce.

Two of m’colleagues are discussing banning cars in the centre of Belfast. A quarter-mile radius where only buses & delivery vehicles are permitted. Build massive out-of-town car parks. 182 more words