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Styptic water (1756)

“Take Alum, white Vitriol, and green Vitriol, of each half an Ounce; dissolve them in Plantain and Knot-grass Water, of each six Ounces. Strain the Liquor for Use. 12 more words


Poetry-Thing Thursday: Mr. Fizzie's House of Tizzies

Mr. Fizzie’s House of Tizzies,
where courageous cats meet buxom old bats,
and slithering snakes eat vile rattling rats,
and seldom sits the fury-faced gnats. 146 more words

Santa Claus is hiring Syrian Refugees in the North Pole, and both Elves and Parents are super pissed

Christmas, a holiday designed to reap in a boatload of gifts, bonuses and as much cool shit as possible is now being put in jeopardy by the integrity of Santa Claus himself. 498 more words


25 -Get Off My Road!

Poem number 25
Get Off My Road!
Why’d you need a car that big
You tit, you fucking twat?
Why’d you need a car that big… 111 more words


Bringing Light to the 2016 Presidential Election

I don’t know about you, dear Readers, but the 2016 Presidential Election has left me baffled.

I have been voting for the POTUS for decades, and my choice for every election has been crystal clear. 310 more words

Sweet Home

Snooty vs. Apathetic: Finding the Happy Medium.

The bar community is a tight one, and it’s a real pleasure to be a part of. But sometimes you find yourself between two poles. The ones who take themselves and their skills far too seriously, and the ones who don’t give a shit and just want to party. 1,018 more words