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Tidal Parking, Government by Commerce.

Two of m’colleagues are discussing banning cars in the centre of Belfast. A quarter-mile radius where only buses & delivery vehicles are permitted. Build massive out-of-town car parks. 182 more words



Gargoyles glare, grimace

Drizzle venomous spittle

From ever-yowling jaws;


Recognizable faces from

Repeated nightmare onslaughts–

Relatives’ vitriolic snarls


Reverberate through sleep

Stomping peace, mucking

Sludge–talon-ed prints.

© Albatross-x, 2015



I got a bunch of “vitriol” (as my friend put it) from my ask.fm today and I initially didn’t really care much about it until tonight when I started asking myself whether I really am the horrible person they paint me to be and whether what they point out to is valid. 137 more words

Bipolar Disorder

that pompous gradient

In Europe, writing was my best subject. Winsome, lissome little creatures leapt from the pen with the grace of the gracile. Charming sleight-of-hand with words like a magic show, all smoke and mirrors, no sound or fury. 315 more words


hope of the gaps

Increasingly am I beholden to the interpretation that organized religion, in its modern sense, is relegated ever to the gaps in human understanding. This is classically depicted in the phrase “God of the Gaps” — that God is responsible for everything that humans cannot understand, the gaps in our knowledge. 658 more words



Wednesday I made my weekly trip to Fairway-on-the-Hudson. To get there I take the M4 bus on the corner of 152nd Street and Broadway, south side of the street. 914 more words

War Rages Within - Vitriol

 Metalcore is known left and right all over the planet to just be some guy screaming at a really high pitched voice and another guy singing much more calmly and that’s about it. 205 more words

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