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Bringing Light to the 2016 Presidential Election

I don’t know about you, dear Readers, but the 2016 Presidential Election has left me baffled.

I have been voting for the POTUS for decades, and my choice for every election has been crystal clear. 310 more words

Sweet Home

Snooty vs. Apathetic: Finding the Happy Medium.

The bar community is a tight one, and it’s a real pleasure to be a part of. But sometimes you find yourself between two poles. The ones who take themselves and their skills far too seriously, and the ones who don’t give a shit and just want to party. 1,140 more words


What about the aftermath?

Unless something changes, this January we will have a president who over half the country vehemently opposes. Even many of those who voted to put the winner in office, will have done so primarily in opposition to his or her opponent. 813 more words


A Vitriol fiend strikes at Tufnell Park and Highgate

The night of the 30 September 1888 has gone down in infamy as the ‘double event’; the night when the mysterious killer known as ‘Jack the Ripper’ murdered both Elizabeth Stride and Catherine Eddowes in different locations, leaving two London police forces searching for him in vain. 279 more words

A Venting of Spleen

The response I am not going to post on Facebook because I don’t know you from Adam (or Eve) and because it’s not my place to hijack someone’s post, however political, to skewer your insipid and self-righteous opinion of the presidential election.   1,110 more words


Is there an age limit for bartenders?

This won’t be appreciated. Not by most bartenders, because we shouldn’t bite the hand that feeds. And not by customers, because they don’t want to know what we think of them, for the most part. 774 more words


79 - Indicate, You Bastard

Poem number 79
Indicate, You Bastard
Indicate, you bastard
Hit the lever with your hand
The rest of us need warning
Of the turn that you’ve got planned. 42 more words