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Conoce los filmes más representativos del neorrealismo italiano

Por Anahí Colombón Gálvez

Considerado como “el cine de los pobres”, el neorrealismo italiano fue un movimiento artístico que se desarrolló principalmente en el cine y la literatura, sin embargo la presencia de esta corriente tuvo un mayor auge en el campo del séptimo arte. 917 more words

LINNE Magazine

Il Generale Della Rovere (1959) | Vittorio De Sica seeks redemption in Roberto Rossellini's haunting wartime drama

Roberto Rossellini’s deeply affecting 1959 drama, Il Generale Della Rovere, screens at the BFI on Wednesday 26 and Friday 28 August as part of the Vittorio De Sica season. 328 more words

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Classic Film Spotlight: Bicycle Thieves

The film Bicycle Thieves follows a father and a young son as they search for a stolen bicycle. The film is set in post-WW2 Rome and is considered to be one of the greatest films ever made. 44 more words


Bicycle Thieves (1948) | Cinema re-release - Vittorio De Sica's celebrated postwar drama back in UK cinemas

Italian Actor/director Vittorio De Sica is best known for his celebrated 1948 film Bicycle Thieves, which tells the story of a simple man called Antonio who scours the streets of Rome looking for his stolen bicycle, which he needs to be able to secure work. 100 more words


Bicycle Thieves - "Bicycle Thieves remains relevant today is because the connection between poverty and crime remains shockingly relevant..."

Bicycle Thieves positions itself as the default neo-realism masterpiece. An era begun by Rome, Open City in 1945, Vittorio De Sica’s (1902-1974) Bicycle Thieves is a considerably smaller story… 631 more words

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Vittorio De Sica, A Film Series

Vittorio De Sica was born on July 7, 1901 in Sora, Italy and died in France on November 13, 1974. He gained fame as both an actor and a director. 813 more words


Bicycle Thieves (1948) - Ladri di biciclette

In the past several years I have been developing an ever growing appreciation of classic films, but I have yet to see many foreign films – apart from British films, which never seemed very foreign. 1,138 more words