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Day de Dada at the St George Festival

Day de Dada at St George Day, Saturday, April 25, 2015.  Join Day de Dada for a mail art workshop.  The theme is ‘wishes’ and we will have all the materials ready for you to create mail art to send out or to be displayed at “What Do You Wish?” at the Staten Island Ferry Culture Lounge this summer July through September. 54 more words

Day De Dada

Peace Action of Staten Island 100 year Anniversary WW1 Christmas Truce

Day de Dada (Viv de Dada and Mary Campbell) at Peace Action of Staten Island’s commemoration of the 100 year anniversary of the WW1 Christmas Truce at Culture Lounge, St George Ferry Terminal, Staten Island on December 20, 2014… 57 more words

Day De Dada

B.Y.O.B at Little Berlin, Philadelphia

Thank you Eileen Doyle and all the artists at Little Berlin, Philadelphia, PA

Day De Dada

Cavellini Festival - Parallel Events


Cavellini Festival – Parallel Events November 14 – 16 2014

A survey exhibition of Cavellini’s artworks alongside a Mail-Art show exploring the themes of GAC / Cavellini, Ego and Self-Historification. 39 more words

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"What Do You Wish For?" Deep Tanks, Second Saturday Staten Island 9/13/14

“What Do You Wish For?”  Deep Tanks, Second Saturday Staten Island September 13, 2014

Day de Dada Performance Art Collective

Day De Dada

The Wish Sisters at Lumen 2014

“What do you wish for ?”  The Wish Sisters collect wishes and then release them to the Elements at Lumen 2014.

Day De Dada

Collecting Wishes at Arts on Division in Somerville NJ

Arts on Division 2014 Somerville, NJ –  Day de Dada Wish Sisters

Day de Dada collects wishes at the entrance of Division Street. “What do you wish for ?” 25 more words

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