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Vive la France. Vive la Macron. We Scored One For The Backlash. Rejoice!

by Anura Guruge

Vive la France!


Thank YOU, Monsieur Macron.

That was quite the win despite the Russian interference.

Well done. Bravo. Kudos.

Thank YOU. 59 more words

Anura Guruge


I have been watching this train disaster, called the “Republican Health Care Bill,” winding its way through the gutless House of Representatives (and they dare to call themselves that). 205 more words

Vive la France?

One year ago the French soldier in Paris said, “I love America. Very patriotic!” I wondered what he meant. You Americans love your country? Or something else? 621 more words


Vive la France !

Pentru că tot vorbeam de traducerea în limba franceză a cărţii “Tocăniţă pentru suflet” în postarea anterioară, iată că autoarea a fost gând la gând cu mine şi ne-a pregătit o tocăniţă rapidă cu momente franţuzeşti. 9 more words


French chic like no other chic

My name is Daiana and I’ve been into fashion addiction since childhood. I cannot let a day pass without taking my fashion drug dose because there is no passion like the one for being well dressed, right? 243 more words

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