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DAYS Recap 9.19-23 : The Tears of a Manservant

The final week before the relaunch and some strings get pulled… but not heartstrings. The tribulations of HecuGus the Hooker Hitter very quickly come to a end, but not before Salem’s Finest distinguish themselves in the usual fashion by arresting Quinn and treating him and Taylor like total dicks until they finally take their heads out of their asses long enough to realize that Quinn looks nothing like Mandy’s composite but THIS CREEPY MANSERVANT WHO’S BEEN HOVERING AROUND THE SCENE OF THE ARREST AND NOW THE FRIGGING POLICE STATION SURE DOES! 1,336 more words


We are family... I got all my sisters with me...

only, in daytime, if you have all of your sisters with you it could get pretty crowded since daytime males procreate at the same rate that the national debt grows.  2,059 more words

Ratings - sometimes it sucks to be right!

In the last blog entry, I noted that I fully expected the BnB to lose the ratings race to DAYS.  Here are the ratings for the week in question (and many thanks to the folks at… 840 more words