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Monitor Episode 5

Episode 5…

**** 11 years ago ****

It seemed like a dream for the ministry that we had gotten the white rabbit population back in so little time. 1,402 more words

The Precinct

"A bitter lesson learned"

While we know what it is, maybe Chief Stone will be able to find out soon…


Monitor Episode 4

“Have you found anything yet?” I questioned moving closer to Dominic. “Not yet. Just got it to come up correctly.” He stated. Sayo had sent the surveillance videos for all the cameras around the precinct to us so we could analyse them ourselves. 1,163 more words

The Precinct

"Bad news all around"

And, if you can believe it, there’s still more bad news to come. Although I suspect my savvy readers can guess what it is…

Ch. 06: Intimidations And Investigations

Did You Know? Lauren Lapkus Stars in Jurassic World!

Lauren Lapkus (C.O. Susan Fischer) won’t be back in season 3, but she’s also in something that is released on Friday, June 12!

Lapkus portrays Vivian in Colin Trevorrow’s  6 more words


Monitor Episode 3

“This didn’t happen did it?” I questioned Vivian as we walked along the hall way of the medical station. “It sure did my friend… we need to get something out of this and we need to do so fast.” She replied without even stealing a glance at me. 1,078 more words

The Precinct