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Monitor Episode 9

“All units be advised… target spotted 35 km away from home headed in your direction…” the officer from the hovering helicopter informed. Vivian and I were in the same vehicle while Dominic was with Peter in the other. 1,003 more words


new acting reel!

thanks to Mason Hankins for editing this

"Come dancing"

Looks like the gang’s all here … and it sounds like Carl may not be telling Vivian the whole truth!


Monitor Episode 8

“What are you thinking?” She continued. The way in which she spoke confused me. “After the last encounter, you want to walk into his territory head on again?” She added getting a bit aggressive. 1,003 more words



Not surprisingly, there may be more going on here than Watusi was aware of! Details forthcoming…


"Just try and stop me!"

I don’t think Watusi’s letting that one go … he can be just like a dog with a bone sometimes!


"Service call"

Well, it looks like Professor Harvey holds a grudge longer than dogs do! Guess Watusi’s next project will be to mend some fences…