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During the end of summer and throughout autumn, I was commissioned to shoot multiple images of iconic Scottish landmarks for a national brand campaign of full height wraps of 6 of the Edinburgh Tram’s fleet, and 12 vans: 102 more words


Yoni and the smelly underpants

Once again I was standing in a snake-y queue. This time in Sydney, waiting to board the American Express SkyTrain at Taronga Park Zoo as part of Vivid, Sydney. 598 more words


Partially Lit

Yet another photo from Vivid.

I think that the light illuminating a part of the building rather than the whole building helps to draw focus to that part which in turn allows for focus on specific details. 18 more words


Melatonin and Dreams

I am not a person who likes to take any artificial chemicals. My feeling is ibuprofen is a last resort. Yet one minor inconvenience rests on me daily insomnia. 203 more words

Dream Journal 6/18/18 | The ATM

I was in the car with my mom, and she was talking about how all of her bank accounts had been frozen. 511 more words


Glowing Fountain

This was the second thing that I saw at Vivid.

To me, the water that is being pushed up before falling looks like it’s frozen. 45 more words