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Vivid Violet

With the yellow flowers as background, these violet flowers are getting more vivid… Aren’t they?


dream ii: messy mix

i was looking for vegetables
with a sun stung nape
grubs and pillbugs and silverfish burrowed
and i uncovered 239 more words

hypoglycemic syncope

everything folding into white
yellow roses press at
backlids of my eyes
steady rise till ringing

my edges untie

where are my hands
where is the door… 6 more words


powerless, showerless,
a heavyweight drugged;
lungs and concrete,
tadpoles and lust.


dream i: funeral home

dark paneled wood hallway
wide floorboards 
snapping lights flicker
long hallway, could touch either side if i spread my arms out
grimy window panes on the left side 
i’m with someone 
(i don’t know who)
they’re holding me, 
arms wrapped around my shoulders and 
my head is tucked onto their chest

she or he doesn’t want me to look but i do 
i turn my head left 
i realized we’re in a funeral home
the body of someone we know is being treated 

they’re dead and they are close. 87 more words

Vivid violet

viola tricolor, vivid and cheerfull  :-)

Viola tricolor, also known as heart’s ease, heart’s delight, sometimes called wild pansy.

Color Your World – Vivid Violet   Flower of the Day


Haiku: Morning Breeze

morning breeze
always so generous
on awakening

© Xenia Tran

With love from
Eivor, Pearl and Xenia xxx

Photographs by Xenia Tran, edited in lr.

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