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"we'll know"

where she knows the cold
of stones, river-worn
and smooth, stacked
into towers. her head’ll
fill the empty spaces,
working around a meaning
she can touch – through… 36 more words



paint me a future
where the wolf
knows more than hunger.



look for souls like cement,
masonry; those larger
than themselves, boundaries
dragged up, solo, spread out
keep us all together whole
unbroken, pillar people.

look for them, but don’t make them. 25 more words


Your autumn is my spring

Both are beautiful. One leading to a calm and sleepy time, the other one to an energetic and full of life season. But both of them are full of colours, impressions and moods. 132 more words



tell me about the treasures
you’ve lost, and the ones
you found again – little rocks
river smooth, notable enough
to pocket – torn ticket stub… 31 more words