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"druidic contract"

for the spirits you touch,
and the words you speak,
here, we’ll place on you
a garden crown.


Dream Journal

I was able to really “control” a lot of things.

At one point we jumped off of these bridges, super super high up, into some water knowing that some parts were too shallow to land in “safely” but we jumped anyways and it was easy. 196 more words


"learn to stop"

here, altar to nothing
form a void of thought
and make it yours, there
you’ll find your peace,
lost, burst. porcelain
quiet. form a fire, feed… 12 more words


Vivid Sydney

Light, Music and Ideas festival. 비비드 시드니의 컨셉이다. 매년 5월에서 6월로 넘어 갈 즈음 시드니는 비비드한 컬러와 음악의 세상이 되는데 Sydney Harbour Bridge. Sydney Opera House. 21 more words


"join me at the rock"

take breaths, time, exhale – masses
pass unnoticed, swarming happily
unhappily to places, discordant
mess of voices, needs, wants. i’m not
above it, prometheus without the fire.


"operation of the machine"

it takes the dark, streetlight, and tram
drunk folks for the thought to shift,
crunching through the clogging rust.

we can think of nothing but the gear, 25 more words