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Tableau HOLD 'em

Any one seen a Tableau viz?

Were you blown away by the fancy colors and lines, shapes,etc…?

–No? Me neither

Why oh why do corporate entities love it so? 208 more words


Willy-nilly: a scathing look!


Willy-nilly: a twee, and somewhat nauseating, euphemism used by any woman who has not, in recent months (years/decades), had a visit from the old Weapon of Mass Seduction. 74 more words


Tokyo Ghoul manga is ending!

Talking editing horror manga. And dropping a Fairy Cube mention. It's in context, I promise.https://t.co/aWn8uckD6g

— Joel Enos (@joelenos) August 9, 2017

Announced at his Twitter and interview with…

109 more words

Viz Talks Latest Manga Licenses

This week at San Diego Comic Con, Viz announced a slate of new manga licenses, including Jump titles and one of the latest by acclaimed author Inio Asano. 386 more words


Episode 1: Entering a new fandom, or...why doesn't anyone like me?!

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Welcome to the first episode, in which we find Kelly and Angela arguing about how gosh darn hard it is to get into comics and/or manga. 53 more words

Toward a new way of reading and sorting - Looking at manga 'by magazine'

I have a new obsession. Going on My Anime List and delving into the publication specific pages. Every manga magazine has one – whether it be everyone’s favourite Shonen Jump or the boisterous Big Comic Spirits. 517 more words