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Arts And Crafts

The Telugu people are patrons of arts and crafts and they are pioneers in the field of metal ware, carpets, wood and stone carvings, exquisite silver filigree, brass and sheet metal. 96 more words

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Social Customs And Traditions

Muggulu is one of the most common traditions followed by the Telugu people where design at the entrance of the house with white rice powder. But now Rice powder is slowly getting replaced by limestone powder and on special occasion colored powder is added and then it is called as Rangoli. 65 more words

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Postcard from Vizag

Today instead of sending a poem,

Sending you a postcard.

Just to let you know,

That I am fine,

Away from home,

Away from the world I know, 99 more words


Let's Vizag

At the Cochi airport, our boarding passes had an Andhra Pradesh tourism ad on the backside—a train passing through a verdant valley accompanied by the slogan, “Let’s Vizag.” I had been to Vizag, a coastal city on the Bay of Bengal, over a decade prior and was already interested in revisiting to see my cousins. 803 more words


Kuchipudi Dance

                 Kuchipudi dance form in India originated from a hamlet in Andhra Pradesh, called Kuchelapudi or Kuchelapuram. It was initially introduced as a dance drama, but its present day dispensation tells a different story altogether.

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Andhra's Cuisine

The Telugu people and their state are known for hot and spicy food. The cuisine of Andhra Pradesh is a blend of Mughal cuisine. Rice is the staple food of Telugu people where they eat it along with Sambar, Lentils, and Vegetables. 125 more words

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Andhra's Occupation

Agriculture is the major occupation of Andhra and nearly 7o% of the population is dependent on farming. Rice is the staple food of Telugu and also they are the largest producer of rice in India along with other cash crops like Tobacco, Groundnut, Chillies, Turmeric, Oilseeds, Cotton, Sugar, and Jute. 34 more words

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