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Vizard's Appear! Ichibei vs Yhwach - Bleach 606

Bleach 606 shows Urahara meeting with the newest arrivals, the Vizards finally arrive while Yoruichi’s little sister also appears. Ichibei and Yhwach keep on battling as Ichibei’s technique disables half their abilities, with Yhwach just laughing at Ichibei during this battle.  385 more words

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Isshin Saves Masaki! Isshin's Lifetime Sacrifice - Bleach 535

Bleach 535 explains what needs to be done when Urahara tells both Isshin and Ryuken the consequences of what will happen after it’s done. He mentions that someone powerful will need to be with her in order to balance her state of Quincy and Hollow, Isshin best fits at that time so he volunteers, however it’s for his life time. 982 more words

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Thoughts: Bleach Chapters 443-479

I’ll admit, I don’t think the Fullbringers ever stood a chance of my liking them. They struck me as a little … bland? A little tacked-on and rushed? 878 more words

Love Aikawa, Hachigen Ushoda, Lisa Yadomaru and Rojuro Otoribashi - Vizards

The above image is to me, an amazing piece of art! Since I haven’t posted anything about Vizards, or Visored, in some time, I wanted to take some time off to give you guys a reminder about the past about the Vizard. 132 more words

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