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Novel Review - Dracula: the Undead (Freda Warrington)

Dracula: The Undead is an unofficial sequel to Bran Stoker’s vampire classic, Dracula. Actually, there are at least two books by this name. One is written by Freda Warrington, a British writer, and was released in 1997 – the original’s 100th anniversary. 891 more words



Central Luxury Mansion, Ryongsong, Northern Pyongyang; Early Summer 2015: Kim Jong-un the Supreme Leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is at home readying himself for a hearty breakfast in the company of his valued advisor Tyrone and servant girl Svetlana having a chat about this and that. 901 more words

Review - Bound by Flames by Jeaniene Frost

I do believe Leila and Vlad are one of my favorite PNR couples. I just love them! And what’s not to love? Leila is a kickass newly turned vamp who loves to stick her hand in electrical outlets and Vlad is Dracula himself! 106 more words


Vampire Tees: Elect Vlad

What have you got to lose, except maybe your head? Elect Vlad.


Dracula Untold

Does almost count? It certainly is earnest and honest, this “Dracula Untold”, and it tries like a son-of-a-gun. Ultimately, it falls short, but only after scoring some impressive points in the attempt. 345 more words


Adults as vampires really??

It really strikes me funny adults that pretend to be vampires. Why? I guess some think it is sexy. Although anyone seeing Bram Stokers Nosferatu wouldn’t have that as the first thing that came to mind. 124 more words

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