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Dracula's Castle For Sale - Vlad The Impaler

Dracula’s Castle For Sale – Vlad The Impaler

If you’d like to purchase a haunted castle then look no further. This is now up for sale for a reported $80 million. 498 more words

Dracula's Castle For Sale

my date with dracula ;)

Be gentle with the Romanians when you start talking about Dracula.  Evidence suggests Vlad was really just a man of his times.  Gruesome torture was kind of the standard in the 15th century. 863 more words

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Dracula - The Romanian!

Romania’s national hero

 When we think of Dracula we almost always think about the made up character, the bloody vampire that always makes a good Halloween story for the kids. 566 more words

About Romania



How are things? Well, it seems that they’re bad.
Wild Islamists are crashing the pad
of effete Euro-Guy.
Most solutions don’t fly.
(But there’s still the solution of Vlad….) 6 more words

Vlad the Impaler Christmas Cards Are Back!

In 2010 two Forestville artists designed a Vlad the Impaler Christmas Card because they felt the greeting card market needed the 15th Century figure.

https://alanboardman.wordpress.com/2010/12/19/vlad-the-impaler-christmas-cards-designed-in-the-ville/ 161 more words

In the footsteps of Dracula

More of less by coincidence we ended up following in the footsteps of Dracula, from birth to death – or actually the other way around. 338 more words


Impalers and Savages

The lot of them, says these two former facecrook friends.  My “friends” are decreasing by the day.

It isn’t even that I want an echo chamber.  32 more words