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June 17th - The Night Attack 1462

The Night Attack was a battle fought between forces of Vlad the Impaler of Wallachia and Mehmed II of the Ottoman Empire. The conflict initially started with Vlad’s refusal to pay the jizya (tax on non-Muslims) to the Sultan and intensified when Vlad invaded Bulgaria and impaled over 23,000 Turks. 378 more words


Have you ever been to Romania?

 How nice life is when you have the freedom to travel. My dear colleague and friend Val asked me to come along and visit her lovely country… 120 more words


Dracula Untold (2014)

I wouldn’t say this is the untold story of Dracula, in fact I felt like this is the typical story you hear when you research Vlad the Impaler. 180 more words


Getting to "Dracula's Castle" is Better Than Seeing it

After our explorations of the fortified church in Saschiz we got back on the road.  I don’t think we got very far before the GPS had us take a right turn…  Which took us through the absolute middle of nowhere, down rough, broken pavement, and gravel roads.   544 more words


ANNOUNCEMENT: "Love in Flames" Teaser and "Hearts on Fire" Updates

“Love in Flames” Teaser and “Hearts on Fire” Updates.

Don’t miss this announcement from KCL Publishing regarding The Passion of the Dragon Saga’s second volume Love in Flames: The Story of Vlad the Impaler and the Women He Loved! 14 more words

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Dracula Untold

Blindfold marching?!? Whaaaat?
The original Bat Man
Should have stayed untold

Film Haiku

A Drive of Fortified Churches

After exploring our first fortified church, we got back on the road (route 14), off to see some more of them.  The weather changed to some light rain, and provided us with some lovely rainbows for our drive.   695 more words