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Working on The Executioner .
Synopsis: In a cursed city, two detectives follow the trail of blood let by a mysterious assassin, who inflicts to his victims gruesome punishments inspired by the Medieval Criminal Code.

What I've learned this year

I Learned about Vlad the Impaler earlier this year. Vlad was a prince of Wallachia and he was known for killing thousands of people. The reason he did this was because his country was at war with neighboring countries and as an intimidation tactic he would put up the impaled bodies of his war prisoners or criminals on the border of Prussia to scare off anyone who decided to invade. 202 more words

Prince Of Wallachia

An Eye for An Eye - Chapter 2 - Preview

Codex Dracula: An Eye for An Eye – Chapter 2 – Preview 8 pages
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Synopsis: In a time when The Holy Roman Empire was divided by internal power struggles, the nations from southeastern Europe were forced to defend themselves against Islam… They failed… 131 more words

John’s Horror Corner: Fright Night 2 (2013), a non-sequel filled with bloody boobs paying no proper homage to the 1985 original or the 2011 remake.

MY CALL:  Not at all a sequel, rather this reimagining relies on our love of the original Fright Night (1985) while offering a new perspective to our vamp’s origins.  787 more words

John Leavengood

Review: "And I Darken," by Kiersten White

When I finished this book I had to toggle my head a few times. Yeah, it’s one of those books – the kind that transport you back in time, to another world and another reality where bathroom breaks and mealtimes sort of don’t matter.   3,182 more words