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Oops! Sorry! We'll Do The World Series After I Tell This Tale of Horror ...

It was like a scene from a cheap horror movie except … it was real! I wasn’t dreaming! At least I didn’t think 364 more words

Dracula's Castle

I am a sucker for those hard cover, classic-bound books that are published by Barnes & Noble. I have several, and last autumn I purchased another – … 2,951 more words

Haunted House

Magnitude: A Junkyard Overture

Here’s Chapter 1 to hold you over. As a Valentine’s Day treat to all my twisted readers, the full Magnitude horror novella drops February 14, 2017. 2,164 more words

My Work

Plastic Vampire Teeth in the Land of Dracula, Part II

While Bran Castle has little to do with either Vlad Tepes or Stoker’s Dracula, there is an authentic and much less visited Dracula’s castle not far from Bran. 1,992 more words


Coping with Portland's Snowmageddon

Yes, Portland was brought to its knees by two inches of snow. I will save the recounting of my 7.5 hour trip home until Tuesday’s Slice of Life post. 254 more words

YA Literature

Blood Suckers

Vampires have captured the public’s imagination, evolving from horrifying living corpses to elegant romanticized creatures that haunt modern literature.  Yet vampires don’t exist in just folk stories and the romance section of the book store.   1,560 more words

Mythological Creatures