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Kit's Crit: The Historian (Elizabeth Kostova)

Elizabeth Kostova’s epic novel The Historian is a rich and unusual retelling of the Dracula myth.  The narrator is an unnamed professor’s daughter who embarks on a quest to uncover the secrets of her family’s history, only to find herself drawn into the dark world of vampires descending from Vlad the Impaler. 156 more words


And I Darken -Kiersten White

“And I Darken” caught my eye because I thought the book cover looked awesome. It reminded me of Alexa from “The 100” and we all know everyone loves Alexa. 2,075 more words


Book Review: And I Darken

Hello everyone,

I finished this book today and then I read The Snow Queen and I’m about to start Dr. Horrible and Other Horrible Stories so I’m on a roll today! 1,082 more words


And I Darken by Kiersten White

Hey Fledglings!

Kiersten White has really done something special with this book. I knew the general premise of the novel from the blurb but hadn’t gone out of my way to look up reviews or details of the plot ahead of time. 689 more words


Vampires: The Devil's Minions

The vampire is one of the archetypal embodiments of evil.  These cursed, damned creatures are claimed by Satan, and act as his followers to lure human souls away from God.  622 more words


Sighisoara, Romania

Something bit me in Transylvania, and that is no joke.

Segesvar (Hungarian) aka Sighisoara (Romanian) aka Schassburg (German) is a striking and well-preserved medieval Transylvanian city in Romania that was originally founded by Saxons in the 1100s. 724 more words


Plastic Vampire Teeth in the Land of Dracula, Part I

On screen, there were three seats. He was seated on the far left and in each of the chairs next to him were two women dressed all in black wearing capes. 2,999 more words