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The 29th & 30th; Cinnabons in my immediate vicinity!

The 29th of September.

Oh dear I am so very tired. Had to get up super early this morning because Rufus was being adopted at half past nine. 527 more words


Vampire Diary: Music To My Ears

Dear Diary,

I continue to be startled, even I, the King of Vampires, with this world in which I have come to be.

I was at a drinking establishment where mostly young people go. 1,617 more words


The 19th & 20th; I am going to hurt tomorrow.

The 19th of September.

It’s been about fifteen degrees today, yet I am wearing a thermal t-shirt, a jumper and a long cardigan. When it gets actually cold I think I will literally perish. 547 more words


Book Review : Vlad : The Last Confession

This book was written based on actual history of Vlad Dracula rather than the vampiric story of him.

I stumbled upon this book after watching the Hellsing anime. 337 more words

Welcome Vlad

People often ask me why I don’t have a black cat. As much as I love Halloween and Salem, Massachusetts, you would think one of my kitties would be a traditional Halloween cat. 524 more words


Lorehammer: Vlad and Isabella von Carstein

In haunted Sylvania, and old twisted lord lay dying, cursing gods and men alike. His name was Otto von Drak and he was the latest in a line of truly uninspiring lords. 584 more words

Dracula The Impaler


Count Dracula is Vlad Tepes the Prince of Wallachia, he was born in 1413 and died around 1477.Vlad used Bran castle to fight Othmans,,, and he did love his country and was against the Turkish invasion. 218 more words