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An Eidolon Inspired Frame Is Coming To Warframe

With Khora having been released and millions of players running Sanctuary Onslaught to try and acquire her, the team over at Digital Extremes are wasting no time in revealing the next Warframe. 254 more words


Just One More Thought

I really believe that my life has returned to what we know as the ‘a normal track of life’. Many have changed in unseen way, their inner-being/inner-self. 218 more words


The Son of the Dragon

Vlad is the father of all the Nosferatu, as well as 6 children from multiple wives. The more you peel back the layers of this enigma the more malice and despair you uncover. 16 more words



Ten years after a complete knee replacement, Russian superheavyweight Vlad Alhazov has made the world’s heaviest raw squat with knee wraps. Watch Vlad (2003) Online free on movie2k.to without any registeration. 389 more words


X, Captive

Her whole body felt as if it were made of lead. Even her eyelids seemed so heavy that it took an effort just to open them. 2,885 more words

Creative Writing

Angeline Legacy 1.6: Kyan in Love and Death

Things get a bit darker before they can lighten up again.

So Kyan has realized that vampire society is not quite so black and white as where he’s from; there are vamps, like Caleb, who don’t feed on mortals, have families, and actually work against intrusions from the vampires like Straud and the monsters who destroyed Kyan’s life. 5,119 more words

Angeline Legacy