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The legends about Vlad the Impaler

There are a lot of legends about Vlad the Impaler , confusing him with the vampire count.
Most of them derive from the stories fabricated about him during his imprisonment by Mathias Corvin, the traders from Brasov and Sibiu, his rival to the throne of Wallachia or even by the Turks . 543 more words


Ancient Vampires

I have never traveled to a place that hasn’t got a ‘tale of the undead’ of some sort. Stories of beings neither alive nor dead consuming the blood of living beings can be found in nearly every culture around the world in many different varieties spanning over many centuries. 488 more words


Vampire Diary: Politics as Unusual

Dear Diary,

I do not understand these things they call debates.

The man and woman asking questions kept telling us that is was a party. 1,340 more words


Hotel Transylvania 2: Movie Review

The sequel to hotel Transylvania came out and I must admit it was nothing like I had expected. The first part of the movie set the bar pretty high, with inter monster humor (I don’t know if that is a thing but let’s say it is.) Jonathan, a hip backpacker loses his way in the forests of Transylvania and finds himself at a hotel. 395 more words


Dracul's emblem in the round

This cirlular emblem represents the Order of Dracul. I found it mounted on the wall in the house where Vlad Tepes, or Dracula, was born in Sighisoara, a town in Trnasylvania, Romania. 327 more words


Vampire Diary: Resolutions

Dear Diary,

The diamond earrings went over well today. My Gillian is a happy Vampire. If Gillian is happy then I am happy. A Merry Christmas to me. 1,124 more words


Story of Alice

Gadis kecil hidup bersama ribuan mimpi yang terhenti, memulai langkahnya dengan inggatan yang perlaan mati.
Semua tergambar jelas dari cara mereka menatapnya, mencaci dengan ribuan kalimat mengapa… 57 more words

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