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22/2/1918 Turmoil in Petrograd as the German advance continues #1918Live

Germany and Austria-Hungary are meeting no effective resistance in their <a href="“>offensive against Soviet Russia. The advancing troops are able to move forward by train, stopping at each station to arrest the local Bolsheviks before moving on to the next. 189 more words

First World War

He Said That? 2/13/18

From Vladimir Lenin (1870–1924), Russian communist revolutionary, politician and political theorist:

There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen.


10/2/1918 "No War, No Peace": Trotsky's bizarre coup de theatre #1918Live

The peace negotiations at Brest-Litovsk are finally beginning to pay dividends for the Germans. Yesterday representatives of the Ukrainian Rada agree a separate peace with Germany and its allies, agreeing to supply Germany with large quantities of grain in return for an end to hostilities and recognition of its independence from Russia. 227 more words

First World War

10 Moscow statues

I have not posted for almost two weeks, since I have just recently returned to the UK from Russia. This post is therefore a relatively short one in which I provide some context for 10 statues/monuments in Moscow. 651 more words


1917 - Arthur Herman

The subtitle to this book is “Lenin, Wilson, and the Birth of the New World Disorder.”  It’s a fascinating book written with a thesis that Woodrow Wilson and Vladimir Lenin actually had a lot in common in their view of and approach to the world.  600 more words


SLEZAN cotton mill

All of the photos in this set are made in old building which was formerly a cotton mill. SLEZAN. Building is empty and with no use for many years. 158 more words

19/1/1918 Lenin shuts down the Constituent Assembly #1918Live

In November Russians elected members of a parliamentary assembly tasked with drawing up a constitution for the vast country. Lenin and the Bolsheviks hoped that the vote would legitimise their… 195 more words

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