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The Last Englishman: an Arthur Ransome biography

Several years ago, I bought a copy of Roland Chambers’ 2008 biography of Arthur Ransome, The Last Englishman, in paperback. The book was written in the wake of the release of formerly classified papers documenting that the writer of… 1,057 more words


Against eclecticism

Marxism, materialism, and methodology

For those not versed in Marxist theory, the accusation of “eclecticism” must seem strange. Quite often people describe their taste in music, art, or literature as eclectic, in the sense that they appreciate a number of different styles or genres. 8,871 more words


The 100 Year Old Corpse

It’s Wednesday which means it’s time for an Out Of The Ordinary post. To stick with the Halloween theme this month, we’re going to be talking about a dead body. 935 more words


3/9/1918 As Lenin recovers, the Cheka unleashes Red Terror #1918Live

Lenin‘s life hung in the balance after he was shot by Fanny Kaplan, but now he appears to be on the mend, to the relief of his… 260 more words


30/8/1918 Lenin shot #1918Live

Bolshevik rule in Russia rests on shaky foundations. In Siberia the party’s writ is challenged by the Komuch government in Samara, whose Czechoslovak allies are a powerful military force. 227 more words


A People’s Tragedy: The Russian Revolution by Orlando Figes - Book Review

A People’s Tragedy is a work of magisterial scholarship. As well as being a stunning account of the Russian revolution, the book doubles up as a doorstop: eight hundred pages of main text and another hundred of notes. 1,902 more words