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Vladimir Nabokov
(Vladimir Vladimirovich Nabokov),
American novelist, lepidopterist, professor

April 22, 1899 in St. Petersburg, Russian Empire

July 2, 1977 in Montreux, Switzerland… 66 more words


Lolita (1962, Stanley Kubrick)

The first half of Lolita is a wonderful mix of acting styles. There’s James Mason’s very measured, very British acting. There’s Shirley Winters’s histrionics; she’s doing Hollywood melodrama on overdrive but director Kubrick (and Winters) have it all under perfect control. 302 more words


all Adam’s apple and heart

One Monday forenoon, in December I think, Pratt asked me to come over for a talk. Dolly’s last report had been poor, I knew. But instead of contenting myself with some such plausible explanation of this summons, I imagined all sorts of horrors, and had to fortify myself with a pint of my “pin” before I could face the interview. 18 more words


La verdad sobre el caso Harry Quebert

El objetivo de (un)titledmx es compartir todo lo que nos gusta y/o apasiona, desde recomendaciones cinematográficas, literarias y musicales hasta cuentos originales pero en esta ocasión haré una excepción con el libro “La verdad sobre el caso Harry Quebert” de Joël Dicker. 650 more words


only a brute

And I would get up from the floor while you looked on, your face deliberately twitching in imitation of my tic nerveux. But never mind, never mind, I am only a brute, never mind, let us go on with my miserable story.

Vladimir Nabokov, Lolita


incredulity, exasperation

You would give me one look— a gray furry question mark of a look: “Oh no, not again” (incredulity, exasperation); for you never deigned to believe that I could, without any specific designs, ever crave to bury my face in your plaid skirt, my darling! 64 more words


sucking a pencil

Sometimes … Come on, how often exactly, Bert? Can you recall four, five, more such occasions? Or would no human heart have survived two or three? 64 more words