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Books, Blokes and Sexual Misbehaviour

Whatever generation you come from, there is a good chance that your favourite fictional character is a shit. In “Gone with the Wind”, Rhett Butler… 1,866 more words

¡Sr. Nabokov, endúlceme los oídos!

Uno de mis trabajos de análisis literarios favoritos es la primera página y media de “Good-bye to Objects, or the Nabokovian in Nabokov” (“Adiós a los objetos, o lo Nabokoveano en Nabokov”), de Mikhail Epstein. 927 more words


Mr. Nabokov, sweeten my ear!

One of my favourite works of literary analysis is the first page and a half of Mikhail Epstein’s “Good-bye to Objects, or the Nabokovian in Nabokov” 750 more words


Some thoughts on teaching this semester

As well as the day job, an editorial role at Bloomsbury Academic, I’ve been teaching at two universities this term. It’s been exhausting, but pretty brilliant, too. 956 more words

What is synesthesia and what's it like to have it?

Synesthetes can taste sounds, smell colors or see scents, and research proves these people experience reality differently.

By Laura Moss

I know that the number four is yellow, but I have a friend who insists four is red. 1,604 more words

The 5 Most Scandalous Novels of all Time

“The books that the world calls immoral are the books that show the world its own shame.” – Oscar Wilde.

If you are determined to be offended you will always find a provocation somewhere. 1,992 more words

Vladimir Nabokov

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I remember a cartoon depicting a chimney sweep falling from the roof of a tall building and noticing on the way that a signboard had one word spelled wrong, and wondering in his headlong flight why nobody had thought of correcting it.

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