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Chekhov’s biographers like to retell this anecdote in their biographies on him: Anton Chekhov, celebrated Russian writer and father of the modern short story, would tell his friends that “anything” can be a story. 2,274 more words


Nabokov: “The pattern of the thing precedes the thing.”

Most people start something until it becomes something else. But Susan Sontag stuck with her creative impulse. When The Paris Review asked her where she came up with writing prompts, she said: 92 more words


Lolita - Vladimir Nabokov 

This is and was my classic for this year and I can’t believe this is on the curriculum in some countries.

Deplorable storyline of a peadofile and often sickening descriptions of the torment of the child but then the author not happy with you hating the peodofile decides to blacken the victim’s character. 20 more words


The Hardest Working Man in Weird Fiction: A Jeff VanderMeer Interview

This interview first appeared on Literary Kicks on December 19, 2008. In 2018, Paramount pictures will release Annihilation, a film based on the novel…

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Speak, Memory, by Vladimir Nabokov


(Review for Speak, Memory only: four stars)

It was a pleasure to read Nabokov after so long. I forgot how easy it is to get carried along by the flow and particularities of his prose, sometimes to the point of losing the meaning of what’s being expressed. 215 more words

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"Symbols and Signs," a story by Vladimir Nabokov

“Symbols and Signs”


Vladimir Nabokov

For the fourth time in as many years, they were confronted with the problem of what birthday present to take to a young man who was incurably deranged in his mind. 973 more words

Short Story

Entry 665: Let a :-) Be Your (—‚

I just don’t understand 21st Century communications.

I don’t get why people LOL at their own remarks. First, they’re never that funny. Second, it’s poor comedic form to laugh at your own joke. 756 more words