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Bad Books, Bad Blood

Recently, I’ve read some books I haven’t enjoyed. Now, I usually set a rule for myself: no reading books I don’t like. After all, life is too short to waste time reading bad books. 444 more words


Poetry Wednesday: For Mrs. Bernstein

Few of the many teachers I had in Elementary, High School, College and Post Graduate studies remain in my memory. From High School there were four teachers I found memorable and three taught English. 444 more words

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Happy Anniversary ♡

“How can I explain to you, my happiness, my golden wonderful happiness, how much I am all yours — with all my memories, poems, outbursts, inner whirlwinds? 186 more words

Nabokov's Six Short Stories Everyone Should Read

Vladimir Nabokov’s six favorites from his A-list of stories (conspicuously authored by all-male authors) and “parenthesize[s] briefly the passage — or one of the passages — in which genuine afflation appears to be present, no matter how trivial the inspired detail may look to a dull criticule”: 315 more words


Although it probably won’t ever make the required reading lists of any high school, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that… 550 more words

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