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I finished this book just under eight hours ago, and my senses have yet to stop tingling from Nabokov’s infatuating style. His every word seems to be coordinated in perfect symmetry with the one preceding it, forming, over the course of the novel, a delicately intricate web of images that seems to be fashioned from a sort of cosmic fabric so strange and yet so undeniably accurate in everything that it portrays. 180 more words


The breaking of a wave cannot explain the whole sea.

The breaking of a wave cannot explain the whole sea.
~Vladimir Nabokov~

Giving real life stories value, purpose and power.



Back to my regularly scheduled programming, I wanted to review a book that I, yet again, read for a class. It was awhile back that I read  686 more words


Meltdown vs. Bad-Day Writing

Expressing Characters’ Emotions on the Worst (and Second-Worst, and Third-Worst . . .) Day of Their Lives

It’s a widely accepted truth that if stage actors, viewed from lofty balcony seats and way-back stadium seating alike, are to adequately project emotion, there’s gotta be a little exaggeration. 1,109 more words

Fiction Writing

Quote of the Week #11

“And the rest is rust and stardust.”

~ Vladimir Nabokov

Quote Of The Week

Similarities between Lolita (1962) and Carol (2015)

I would hardly describe Todd Haynes as Kubrickian however when watching this year’s Carol I couldn’t help but to think of and draw comparisons to Kubrick’s 1962 adaptation of Lolita.  391 more words


Past Life Regression

You can look up a number of past life regression services in New York. A surprising niche exists to cater to this unique specialty in hypnotherapy. 1,145 more words

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