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Today makes three weeks for me on this HCG 1234 plan and I’ve only lost 10.8 lbs. This amounts to 3.6 lbs per week or 0.54 lbs per day. 261 more words


Double (Click) It!

Quite some time ago, I attended a presentation. It was nothing fancy, and the thing was to be displayed on a disc. The person doing it was using a computer that did not have Microsoft installed; rather, one of the many different variations of Ubtunu. 277 more words


VLCD 20 (picture day)

Today is my 20th day on HCG 1234 so that means it’s picture day! I share photos every 10 days wearing the same dress. After all, this diet is called pounds and inches. 152 more words


WIP -Video playback and Video Gaming Enhancing and upscaling

WIP  Wanted to enhance video like cyberlink powerdvd that offered video enhancements but it didn’t work very well, I think because of hardware. Also it now supports 360 degree videos. 130 more words


VLCD 19 (Coconut Oil and Measurement Saturday)

I guess you could say I went rogue on this HCG diet. I’ve eaten all of the right foods, I just added a little coconut oil. 614 more words



I DID IT!!! I held my plank for 35 seconds yesterday!!! It got shaky for the last five seconds or so, but I did it! It may not sound like a big deal to you, but it is to me. 246 more words



I dropped another 0.4 lbs. I feel like this is going soooo slooooow! There are various tips for stalls, but this is not a stall – I am losing, albeit rather slowly. 392 more words