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Do you even diet bro?

Day 6 – 600 kcal in 2500 out

First off, diet update. Today was weigh in day; a chance to see how it was all going. 354 more words

Cambridge Weight Plan

Relearning the joy

Day 4 – 600 kcal in 2300 kcal out… in out, in out, shake it all about!

Exercise. Ex-er-cise. A word my teenage brain struggled to spell. 801 more words

Cambridge Weight Plan

On hunger and an intense relationship with food

Day 2 – 1 porridge, 1 soup, 1 (hot) milkshake (600 kcal)

I knew the hunger would start to kick in today, but I was feeling fine until mid afternoon, so when it hit it struck me by surprise. 425 more words

Cambridge Weight Plan

Day 1 Step 1 - doing the weight loss thing

Day 1 – 29/4/17 – waist 41 inches, BMI 33

So I’ve been ignoring my weight for a while now. It’s been steadily climbing from my size 8 days back at school to the just-about-fitting size 18 that I am now. 628 more words

Cambridge Weight Plan

Step 2: Day 1 – Cambridge Weight Loss – Let’s Do this!

So here I am. I’ve been desperate to lose the flubber in good time for my summer holiday at the beginning of August. No matter how many mathematical equations I did I just couldn’t see myself losing 2.5 stone in the 16 weeks I have left, and so I did some resea… 160 more words

Cambridge Weight Plan

Day Two - Keep on moving

So today is day 2 of my VLCD and I woke up feeling pretty sluggish, probably because I have cut coffee out of my diet for now. 357 more words

Day One - Here we go.

So here we are, day one has begun and I have this overwhelming feeling of determination. God knows how long it will actually last, I mean, what happens when my cravings kick in? 389 more words