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Adorable Newborn Orange Dusky Leaf Monkey


Another newborn for the Twycross Zoo in Atherstone England. An adorable Dusky Leaf Monkey, also called the Spectacled Langur because of the circles around its eyes which you will only see on the mother as the little one is still bright orange. 36 more words


Become a Runner's Voice Correspondant!

Runner’s Voice is growing and we will soon be expanding to create our own content. Join us and help us cover running events from all over the world! 43 more words

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京都大阪行 - Vlogging!

寫blog我唔太中意寫流水帳,不過其實我都好想記低成個旅程去過嘅地方做過嘅事。咁啱臨去京都前喺YouTube睇咗條人地剪得好好嘅旅行vlog,咁我咪又心思思學下人地剪條片囉。一條片睇晒我成個trip好過我打咁多篇blog齋睇文字咁悶😂😂😂 第一次拍片剪片唔算太好,希望大家多多指教🙇🏻‍♀️


Today I am making the final preparations to launch the site! I want to thank everyone!


First time vlogger

Please subscribe to my youtube channel, where you can watch my travel videos and my weekends stories. I am not so good in doing video but I hope ill get better in the future. 16 more words

Animals Relaxing In The Sunny UK Weather


Yes, it’s not all fog and rain. The Brits do get some sunshine too :-)
A collection of animals from the Twycross Zoo ( apart from the gibbon, he’s from Dudley) sunning and relaxing in the spring sun over the past weekend. 43 more words