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Interview #1 Amanda Rae

I have started to explore the art of videography and as my first project I am doing a little documentary like short series of interviews of people within my social circle. 12 more words


February Montage!

I was inspired by a video somebody posted on Reddit at the start of the new year.  They created a video with 1 second from every single day in 2014. 49 more words

Watch me awkwardly stare into the camera

Here we have a video made by my colleagues and me, we discussed a very debating topic about the end of the world. I am not a skeptic or believer of such topic, so staying neutral really helped me understand both sides of the subject. 27 more words


Bedroom Makeover!

This week on the vlog–
We went to IKEA and I got the bed I have been dreaming about!  I also added some other touches to my room to make it more of the nautical theme I’m going for.


monday vlogs

Mondays have become vlog day for me. It’s weird how so few minutes of footage can take up such a huge amount of my day, but I guess it’s because I try to put in an effort to get it up to the standard I want it at. 176 more words


Photo sets from my Sevilla and Granada getaways!!

For the past fortnight I’ve been taking sneaky weekend trips to cities in the south of Spain! I had an absolutely lovely time and it was fascinating to see different parts of the country and be reminded that Centro Madrid doesn’t represent the entirety of Spain. 150 more words