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from this day forward (day one hundred and three)

i wil not

  • read those magazine articles that provide false expectations for a major life change (ie leaving a bad relationship, getting a promotion, traveling the world) that are not attainable, not just because it doesn’t apply but because they’re unrealistic…
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Musical Discovery: "Shut Up and Dance" by Walk the Moon

For this week’s Musical Discovery, I found this track whilst watching Hank Green’s latest video for the Vlogbrothers YouTube channel (which, by the way, is a great channel to check out). 125 more words


Empowerment, Access and Participation across Youtube

It is within us to seek an audience, for someone to listen to what we have to say and engage us; digital media platforms have been the epitome of a facilitator. 292 more words

The Playlist | The Batman Argument Songified

I…I may need help.

I have been playing this every single day since it came out. Multiple times.

(dance move)

I mean, how fortuitous that their arguments rhyme so that this song exists? 370 more words

The Playlist

Thursday Thoughts # 29

I’ve been extremely busy recently as finals are in about a month. Professors have all of a sudden remembered that we need to get more in than we have, and so they start assigning a bunch of work. 98 more words

Thursday Thoughts

Its not "Just" the Internet

What people don’t get about team internet.

SO team internet, we are a random group of people, you have people like Grace Helbig who is having a fucking TV show come out this is a big deal, but what people don’t get is that every time I sit down at home or in a bookstore and watch a youtube video of Tyler Oakley or Mamrie Hart I feel like they are my friends, I feel like I know them. 1,442 more words

Be You

Paper Towns: You're Paper, I'm Paper... Paper Paper Paper

In honor of the trailer that spoiled the book for me (seen above), here is a review for Paper Towns (finally, a book review!)

This post is coming to you in three parts. 1,028 more words