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Okay, a freaking cute dog video.

(P.S. At the end is the vlogbrothers Willy intro vid which is pretty vlogbrothers-like in awesome geekiness.)


This is, objectively, the best thing of all time on YouTube. 280 more words

Make The World Glass


Inspired by the new vlogbrothers video, where Hank Green talked about numbers how we shouldn’t let them define us.

He talked about easy it is to measure our worth by numbers everyday; our test scores, how much we earn, how much we weigh, or how long we can run. 232 more words


12 educational youtube channels you should know about

I’ve been watching so much YouTube lately and I’ve discovered many, many new channels that I absolutely love and that I find very interesting and I want to share them with you (or at least some of them). 1,015 more words


Nerdfighteria and John Green's "Turtles all the way down."

Part 1: The Freakout.

When I received the news about John Green’s new book “Turtles all the way down” it was around 4 am around a week ago. 1,375 more words

How John Green Changed My Life

This is written in the span of one hour, so if it doesn’t make sense or has grammatical mistakes, I am sorry. Neither does my life so I guess it’s cool. 1,951 more words

We Don't Help Ourselves/Nobody's Gonna Help Us

Today I’m here to rant about normalization of piracy and consumer rights fragile AF where I live (birthright much?)!

A book (to be sold in South Asian countries) for 600 Indian currency will be at least 2000 our currency. 994 more words