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Mars vs. AFC Wimbledon

I am a Nerdfighter. (For those of you that don’t know, this means I am part of the online community that has sprung up around the Green Brothers, two of the major players in online video.) 494 more words

Sunday Something #4-Thoughts from Bruges

“We will remember ourselves as a collective-what we did, and failed to do, together.”

Vlogbrothers series thoughts from places is a wonderful series and always manages to reflect outwards.


Sunday "Something" # 3-Beanie John's Journal

Have you ever wanted a look inside the journals of New York Times bestselling author, educator, and co-head of the massive online community known as Nerdfighteria John Green? 141 more words


Links Round-Up: What I've been watching on YouTube

Week 1: Orientation Week! on Backseat Freshman

Last week, Aaron posted a video all about Maura’s move-in day, and this week Maura has posted a video all about welcome week and what’s she has planned for the quarter. 230 more words


How do you spend your time on social media?

Awhile ago, I filled out an online survey for the Nerdfighteria community (for anyone who isn’t familiar, this is a group of fans of the Vlogbrothers who make videos on YouTube, and every year they do a census to get a better understanding of the members of their fan community). 684 more words

Life And Other Musings

The Global Goals for Sustainable Development

Today is the Global Citizen festival, a festival to raise awareness for the Global Goals for Sustainable Development, 17 goals that World Leaders have committed to that will hopefully achieve 3 things.  400 more words


In Pursuit of Quiet (Sunday "Something" #2, more vlogbrothers)

Alright, I know I chose the same medium again. But in my defense, the vlogbrothers have a huge library of videos on the internet so it does take a fair bit of sifting to find a good one. 144 more words