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Being an “Apathetic Asshole” in Trump’s America

By: The Morrigan

        I didn’t vote. I made the choice not to vote many reasons and didn’t really have any plans to discuss politics on this blog. 2,306 more words


For People Who Don't Care About Fashion

In my first post, Fashion Matters, I said that even people who claim that they don’t care about fashion tell us information about themselves with their clothing choices. 1,181 more words


And so it begins...

I opened up this blog quite some time ago, with no clue as to what I wanted to do with it. Because rash, unthought out ideas are my specialty. 338 more words

The Greens and the Nerdfighter phenomenon

When I saw a few days back on Twitter that Hank and Katherine had had their first baby, I was almost as happy as I would be if my own brother had become a father. 516 more words



This last weekend was the second annual Nerdcon: Stories.  My husband and I went last year, and I quickly bought tickets when they became available this year.   437 more words


The Road to Nerdfighteria

Hopefully, I am not too late to share my story with Nerdfighteria.

I guess it all started when I saw a YouTube video of Hank about how nerds can attract dates (or something of that nature). 248 more words


"How to Vote in Every State": Best Under-Watched Series on YouTube

Everything is so much easier to do with a YouTube tutorial; tax returns, unclogging the shower drain, training your cat to use the litter box–YouTube tutorials are essentially a substitute for  basic life skills. 787 more words