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On Pain

If you know me at all, you’ll know that I adore the vlogbrothers, YouTube channel of John and Hank Green. They both have done and continue to do incredible things for their viewers, the artistic community, and promote global well-being in so many different, fun, and empowering ways. 489 more words

On Advice + Inspiration


I am not Amish. Nor do I pretend to know anything about Amish culture or values, but I can still respect their lifestyle. Rumspringa is a word typically associated with a period in an Amish adolescents life wherein the usual restrictions associated with the Amish lifestyle are relaxed in order to acquire some experience and knowledge of the non-Amish world. 3,152 more words

Happy Graduation, Future Dead People - Vlogbrothers

In this episode of Vlogbrothers, Hank talks about how the Internet and technology is making the new generation of kids very powerful.


Thoughts from a Point of Exhaustion

One thing that I think I should make clear right now is that I love John Green. If you follow that handy-dandy link, it will take you to John’s website, where you can find out about John, all the great books he has written, and other… 531 more words

Reclaiming the Word "Nerd"

To me, the words “nerd” or “geek” have always had negative connotations. It was never a compliment, a personality quirk to be praised: no-one ever said “I wish I was as nerdy as you” or looked for a nerdy person to befriend. 797 more words


Imagine People Complexly

I was watching a Vlogbrothers video on YouTube (for those who don’t know, the Vlogbrothers channel is run by John and Hank Green wherein they cover many humorous and insightful topics such as… 179 more words

How I Roll

YouTube Ads Don't Support YouTube Videos, Says YouTube Producer on YouTube's Stage

“For the most part, everything my brother and I have done, we’ve done largely without advertising. …Today, Hank and I have 30 employees helping us create shows that are both educational and fun to watch. 49 more words

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