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O-week, projects, placement and OSCE anxiety

So, I’ve been a silent the last week, mostly because I was a bit busy with o-week and school restarting that I found myself too tired to blog most nights! 1,449 more words

Med Student

Fandom Friday: Real Life Geeks who Inspire

While we all love to obsess over beautiful fictional characters and fantasize about them, there are amazing geeks in the real world who are incredible human beings and contribute to their wonderful fandoms, communities and the world! 589 more words

Harry Potter

451 and Snaps

The day really didn’t get started until after noon…

I woke up at 8, broke the fast, then went grocery shopping, came home, got back into bed, had an early lunch, then got back into bed. 322 more words


Self Important Current Life List

Good morning, Brie. It’s Thursday.

I don’t know about what I want to write.

I keep thinking of little things in my life, but none of them seem big enough for their own post. 505 more words

Real Life

The "cool" word !

With my website, we are in pop culture and I discovered something that could interest you if you like culture. Unfortunately I watched the video one week after it came out, so it is not a brand new video, but it is absolutely perfect. 118 more words


Giant Book Tower Mischief


Last Friday’s vlogbrothers video contained a pretty spectacular book tower and an invitation to create your own. Hank’s tower was pretty darn tall at 155 cm. 85 more words



I think I could talk to indie pop songstress Julia Nunes all day; she’s fantastically funny, ubertalented, and super savvy, and had just recently performed at VidCon, a yearly conference started by the VlogBrothers, the “forefathers” of YouTube; “When it was was a really strong small community, they were like the ‘dads.’  Everyone looked up to them, they were so smart and funny. 795 more words