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The life changing magic of "I don't know"!

So I just watched the last vlogbrothers video which ended with John Green being weirdly excited about being able to use “I don’t know” and it got me thinking how we spend our whole lives thinking we should know everything and feeling less than others that know more and getting frustrated by that. 313 more words


Christian Nerdfighters: The Awesome Christians.

I just have to admit it…I am a Christian and a Nerdfighter. Yep, kids, I am a Christian Nerdfighter.

There’s nothing wrong with it and in fact, I think there should be more Christians in Nerdfighteria. 985 more words


My Daily Routine by John Green

As a New York Times best selling author, teen romance wordsmith, and level 11 nerd, people often ask me what my daily routine is like and how I balance so many things in my life. 511 more words

Making Sense Of Intimidating Knitting Patterns

A friend received the Auden’s Advice pattern by Jennifer Burek Pierce as part of the digital bundle from the 2016 Project For Awesome. She doesn’t knit, but we both consider ourselves nerdfighters, so she was kind enough to share the pattern with me. 518 more words

a storie of complexitie

It is a storie too. I am thus and so, but not thus and so. And we tell it to ourselves. And other people tell it for us. 658 more words

Reflecting On The Year Of The Dumpster Fire

By: Emma Krupp

2016 has been proclaimed by many as a year made up of bad fortune, disappointment, and heartache.  It was a year that was comprised of many different events, both substandard and wonderful.   834 more words


The Oppressive Limitations of Time; Let's Talk About Podcasts

So, I don’t have nearly the amount of free time in my life that I used to, mainly because I have the time management skills of a very tired old tortoise who has never seen a clock, and doesn’t know that the passage of time exists. 963 more words

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