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This is so me :/

I imagined my body as an adversary, like I was this thinking,feeling capitalized Noun. And my body was a lowercase animal that needed to be placated so I could go on thinking and feeling.

Examined Life

Falling Trees And Forests And The Possibility Of Auditory Sensations

(written c. 2014)

Nitrogen Tetroxide and Hydrazine. Two chemicals that are currently two of the most common liquid propellants in deep space rockets. Forgive me for sliding into a different, possibly inappropriate character, here, but some… 1,272 more words


Folklore, Volcanic Eruptions, Prehistoric Animals, Discworld Art, and Creativity and Mental Illness

Hope you enjoy these Weekly Finds like I did! And guess what? It’s weekend!

Podcasts of the Week:

Both highly recommended…

The Folklore Podcast

What makes The Folklore Podcast so special is that many of the episodes feature eminent folklorists from around the world: researchers, authors and professors in their fields.  237 more words


Something to brighten up your average Thursday!

It’s the middle of August which means 2016 is almost over, shocking right? When did July end!? For me though, 2016 has been a bearer of bad news. 314 more words


A History of Youtube: Part 1: Intro

Ah, youtube. The land of cat videos, let’s plays, and Rick Rolls. It’s an internet enigma. So vast- it would take you 60,000 years to watch every video… 220 more words


Completing The Circle: Thoughts as a Consumer in the Age of Content

I read news. I write news. I’m constantly in exchange with my close friends in texting conversations that may have never ended. I watch television, listen to music, use snapchat filters, emojis, online banking, email, all of it. 987 more words


Project for Awesome

I always love P4A. It’s lots of fun and raises tonnes of money for good causes. I usually try to catch as much of the 48-hour livestream as I can, but this year I’ve ended up missing most of it. 224 more words