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This last weekend was the second annual Nerdcon: Stories.  My husband and I went last year, and I quickly bought tickets when they became available this year.   437 more words


The Road to Nerdfighteria

Hopefully, I am not too late to share my story with Nerdfighteria.

I guess it all started when I saw a YouTube video of Hank about how nerds can attract dates (or something of that nature). 248 more words


"How to Vote in Every State": Best Under-Watched Series on YouTube

Everything is so much easier to do with a YouTube tutorial; tax returns, unclogging the shower drain, training your cat to use the litter box–YouTube tutorials are essentially a substitute for  basic life skills. 787 more words

Stuff regarding Hank and John Green, as well as a few thoughts of mine

So as of the last few days, I’ve been watching a lot of Hank and John Green stuff. A lot of it. A lot. If you don’t know who John and Hank Green are then well you need to get yourself out from under that massive rock of yours. 322 more words

Science: YouTube Edition

First things first: I am freezing.

My husband, Ben, has the air conditioner blasting and I am curled in bed under two blankets, a pair of fuzzy pajama pants and an oversized University of Michigan hoodie. 714 more words




Today, inspired by John and Hank Green‘s Youtube videos, I want to talk about failure.

We all fail sometimes.  We all have things we wanted to do but never did, things we wanted to see but never saw, things we started but never finished.   1,097 more words

Reviewing: Dear Hank & John

Ever since I finished the second season of Serial, I’ve been looking for a new podcast to keep me company on my commute. I first turned to  681 more words