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Educational YouTube channels you really need to know about

Revision is tedious at the best of times – it usually highlights how much you don’t know and whilst pretty coloured pens and post it notes are really exciting for some people, making revision notes and studying in any way shape or form can be so dull if you’re not into it. 431 more words

Student Bloggers

Vlogbrothers and Mental Illness 

This is a post I’ve been excited to write since I had the idea for this series and until now I’ve been too lazy to go and track down the videos I wanted to share. 420 more words

Truth and Lies

I’ve been struggling with writing lately.  Am I really cut out for this?  Should I just give up and do something else with my life?  Is this all just a waste of my time? 371 more words


End Goals

Sorry I’ve been gone for a while.  You can assume that when I’m not blogging as much, it also means I’m not writing as much. 801 more words

Query Letters

Being an “Apathetic Asshole” in Trump’s America

By: The Morrigan

        I didn’t vote. I made the choice not to vote many reasons and didn’t really have any plans to discuss politics on this blog. 2,306 more words


For People Who Don't Care About Fashion

In my first post, Fashion Matters, I said that even people who claim that they don’t care about fashion tell us information about themselves with their clothing choices. 1,181 more words


And so it begins...

I opened up this blog quite some time ago, with no clue as to what I wanted to do with it. Because rash, unthought out ideas are my specialty. 338 more words