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VM&D Show 2016

The VM&D Show was such an amazing experience. My friend and I were invited by Panache (London Mannequin Company). The reason for the invitation was prior to our visit, we picked up a mannequin for my friend’s project. 198 more words


Vintage Market Days

Less than a week away!  Here is a sneak peek of some of the things you will find in my booth!


Smash books, and my new belt buckle jewelry: 71 more words


High resolution image rendering with VMD

Short but sweet!

In order to generate high resolution images of the systems that I have been working with for Publications or my PhD thesis I recently discovered Tachyon rendering from VMD… 60 more words

Atomic Structure

The Science Behind the Image Contest Winners: Light Trails of Receptor Tyrosine Kinase EphA2

The BPS Art of Science Image Contest took place again this year, during the 60th Annual Meeting in Los Angeles. The image that won second place was submitted by… 608 more words


Merge Structures in VMD

set mindist 1.6 ;set solute
set solvent
set combined molinfo $combined set {a b c alpha beta gamma}
set sel atomselect macro solute “index < [$sel num]”$sel delete… 48 more words


A tcl program to find the density of a system prepared for MD simulation, only cubic is considered

puts “Welcome! ”
puts “Here we find the density of a solvated system”
puts “How many types of molecules are there in the system” 104 more words


Finding out H3O+ ions and save as pdb file using vmd

# N.B. The process is however slow

mol new TRAJXYZ.xyz type xyz waitfor all
package require pbctools
pbc set {12.42 12.42 12.42} -all
animate goto 0… 129 more words