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VMware Generation 6: VMware Genx6

VMware has finally announced the VMware’s 6th generation virtualization  software in month of Feb 2015 though GA is not announced(When writing blog).  From the very first release of vCenter in 2004. 804 more words


How to "fix" VCSA IP settings from command line.

More and more often customers are looking for an easier method to deploy their vsphere management.

Vcenter traditionally has been an application loaded on top of Windows. 216 more words


Why Docker is the new VMware

Good post by Erwin van Londen (thank you)

Server virtualisation is the result of software development incompetence

Yes, it has given me some grief given the fact 99% of respondents did not read beyond the title and made false assumptions saying I accused these developers for being stupid. 13 more words


Backup VMware Virtual Machines

If you need a free, open-source alternative for backing up your virtual machines, look no further than XSI Backup.  Before I did an upgrade to some VM’s I wanted to completely back them up (not just a snapshot), so I downloaded XSI Backup here:  94 more words


vRealize Operations 6 - Adding your vCenter

Resuming the previous post , after an express vRealize setup it’s time to link our vCenter. It might be a bit confusing at first, specially when you got used to managing vCOPS for a long time. 113 more words


VMware certification framework, long walks on the beach, teddy bears...

I am not a VMware administrator. I know this may come as a surprise to some of you, but I occasionally have to look things up in the docs, or hunt in the GUI for where some alert may be burried. 545 more words