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Understanding vCloud Networking in Real scenario

Thanks to : http://www.yellow-bricks.com   Really a Huge fan of his work “duncan Epping”. thats what his moto is “Be Social, Share!”

So i am sharing the same for you…. 4,237 more words



Networking for VMware Administrators – Book Review

Much to my surprise, I bought “Networking for VMware Administrators” back in April 2014 and it has been on my “to do” list to read it since then. 935 more words


VMware vCenter SRM

High Level concepts

  • Install ESXi hosts x 3 @ Leeds
  • Install vCenter Server @ Leeds (recovery site)
  • Configure vCenter inventory
  • Configure SRM database(S) – Manchester (ODBC – Infra) and Leeds (Local)
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Part 1: Installing VMware NSX Appliance and configuration.

Hello everyone, welcome first series of NSX 6.1 installation and configuration with Best Practice. This series contain every steps involved for NSX deployment with screenshots. Since this installation is done in Lab environment we will try to include the all topics. 611 more words


VMware AppCatalyst, Bonneville, and Photon.

VMware has lot’s and lot’s of customers, running lot’s and lot’s of workloads, both dev and test workloads and production workloads, you know like, super duper important stuff that cannot, under any circumstance break. 993 more words


Some iSCSI Volumes/Devices not Visible from VMWare Host

Make sure the mappings and visibility are set properly in the storage management configuration utility for your SAN.

In my case, default mappings had been configured for some volumes and not others. 69 more words


Genx6: VMware HA

With Genx6 vmware vCenter 6.0 vSphere HA now includes Virtual Machine Component Protection (VMCP). Which provide protection from features like All Paths Down (APD) and Permanent Device Loss(PDL)  which are applicable on block (FC, iSCSI, FCoE) and file storage (NFS). 399 more words