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Replace RDM Disks with iSCSI on Microsoft Clusters

The days of VMware RDM(s) are over. That’s what the interweb tells me anyway and I’m cool with that. I’m really cool with it after I discovered that RDM mappings on a VMware host slows its boot time by about three minutes per disk: … 1,209 more words


vCenter Deploying OVF - 'A connection error occurred'

During the process of deploying an OVF (Log Insight in this example) using the vSphere Web Client running on a local windows vCenter instance, I encountered the following error: 164 more words


Orphaned VMs : Cannot complete the licence assignment operation

After a very long time , have took out few minutes to share an issue which I faced during a recent deployment .

The vSphere stack was completely deployed and after setting up F5 for PSC load-balancing the last step of repointing vCcenter to F5 vIP was completed using the cmsso-util and everything worked fine. 207 more words


Incorrectly Reported Separated Network Partitions in VSAN Cluster

I’ve been playing around with VSAN, automating the build of a 3 node Management cluster using ESXi 6.0 Update 1. I came across and issue where I moved one of my hosts to another cluster and then back into the VSAN cluster, and when it came back it showed as a separate network partition, and had a separate VSAN datastore. 497 more words


Shrink Windows Partition hosted on ESXi VMWare - Virtual Disk Drive .vmdk


I had a partition on a Windows Server (VM) that was used for log files and was 300GB, 200GB of which will never be used. 279 more words


vCenter Server Migration Tool: vSphere 6.0...

“vCenter Server Migration Tool: vSphere 6.0 Update 2m released!” via VMware vSphere Blog

vCenter Server Migration Tool: vSphere 6.0…

Migrating from one vCenter Server to another traditionally has been a daunting task. 61 more words


How OpenStack And Containers Are Reshaping...

“How OpenStack And Containers Are Reshaping Networking” via Network Computing

How OpenStack And Containers Are Reshaping…

Emerging technologies are changing the networking landscape, presenting new challenges.

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