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Horizon 7.0 Part 7–Installing Composer

The last couple of posts have dealt with preparing the environment to install Horizon 7.0. We’ve covered prerequisites, design considerations, preparing Active Directory, and even setting up the service accounts that will be used for accessing services and databases. 944 more words

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Horizon 7.0 Part 6–Service Accounts and Databases

Back in Part 4, I mentioned that Horizon required up to a few service accounts to function properly.  One of these accounts is for accessing vCenter to provision and manage the virtual machines that users will connect to.  1,579 more words

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Horizon 7.0 Part 5–SSL Certificates

SSL certificates are an important part of all Horizon environments . They’re used to secure communications from client to server as well as between the various servers in the environment. 1,553 more words

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My Real Life Mobile Computing Experience With VDI and a Tablet

Just like many of you I have heard the predictions, analyst reports, and media hullabaloo about the coming of the Post-PC era, and how Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is going to cure baldness, eradicate cancer, and have dogs and cats living together in harmony. 1,394 more words

VMware View 6.2.2 logging off and the windows task host

Recently I was apart of a VMware View and vSphere upgrade project in which I upgraded our existing View 5.2 environment to the latest View 6.2.2 environment (wasn’t brave enough to go View 7 just yet…..) 408 more words

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Horizon 7.0 Part 2–Horizon Requirements

In order to deliver virtual desktops to end users, a Horizon environment requires multiple components working together in concert. Most of the components that Horizon relies upon are VMware products, but some of the components, such as the database and Active Directory, are 3rd-party products. 962 more words

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Horizon 7.0 Part 1–Introduction

I realize that this series might seem like it’s a little late. After all, Horizon 7.0 has been out for a few months now. But between a very large writing project and wanting to take a few weeks off from writing, it’s time to get started with the comprehensive Horizon 7.0 series. 161 more words

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