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GPUs Should Be Optional for VDI

Note: I disabled comments on my blog in 2014 because of spammers. Please comment on this discussion on Twitter using the #VDIGPU hashtag.

Brian Madden recently published a blog… 1,306 more words

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Trabajar con dispositivos remotamente sin dolores de cabeza

Trabajando cómo una persona que está siempre al pendiente de la tecnología, hay veces que me encuentro en algunas situaciones controvertidas donde necesitas tener acceso a ciertos dispositivos remotamente, y no siempre lo puedes hacer con las herramientas básicas. 335 more words


Migrating VMware View vCenter to a new host

Hey everyone!

The end of support for Windows Server 2003 is coming, and a lot of organizations are scrambling to migrate their production systems before the  July 14, 2015 deadline. 514 more words


The Joy and Woe of Six - Initial Problems and Improvements with VMware's Horizon 6 and Workspace 2.1

I recently upgraded my View and Workspace installations to versions 6.0.1 and 2.1 respectively. My personal installation notes for these two technologies are here (View) and… 984 more words



Upgrading the home lab Part I : vCenter Server

vSphere 6.0 has finally shipped, so I decided to take the plunge and upgrade the home lab to vSphere 6.0. 2,434 more words


Resolve VMware View desktops in "Already Used" state


This blog post should be a refresher, but I had to change this setting recently and thought I’d throw it out there on the blog as well. 335 more words


Upgrading VMware Horizon View to Version 6.x – Lists and Fixes

Upgrading a VMware Horizon View environment from 5.3 to 6.01 is straight forward. I created the checklist (at the end of this entry) that is just a subset of the one VMware provides, it’s just shorter and more concise. 490 more words