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HDS adds NAS and VMware Integration into its VSP

Hitachi Data Systems has announced new upgrades and additions to its Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) G series portfolio designed to reduce the ongoing costs of traditional environments and exploit and monetize data, which is too often trapped in silos of technology. 44 more words


About the EdgeRouter Lite

If all you’re familiar with is the standard consumer home networking equipment, it may take a bit of reorienting to understand the role of the ERL.

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Increasing transmit power on an ASUS RT-AC68U wifi router

Increasing your router to its maximum power can reduce it’s life expectancy, cause problems for your neighbors, can be illegal depending on your location and in some cases even has the potential to cause actual dangerous situations since RADAR can share this frequency! 409 more words

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Vendor and Cloud lock-in; Good? Bad? Indifferent?

Vendor lock-in, also known as proprietary lock-in or customer lock-in, is when a customer becomes dependent on a vendor for products and services. Thus, the customer is unable to use another vendor without substantial switching costs. 899 more words

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Recreating a missing virtual machine disk descriptor file


Each disk drive for a virtual machine consists of a pair of .vmdk files. One is a text file containing descriptive data about the virtual hard disk, and the second is the actual content of that disk. 1,682 more words

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Установка ESXi Embedded Host Client

Иногда для выполнения каких-то работ необходимо подключаться напрямую к гипревизору, можно это сделать несколькими путями

  1. Установить толстый клиент, не очень удобно
  2. Через утилиты командной строки, таких как PowerCLI, тоже скажем не очень удобно, и это уже для продвинутых.
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