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Troubleshooting vSphere Auto Deploy with the vCenter Appliance

I was pulled into an issue the other day where some ESXi Hosts were failing to boot via Auto Deploy. Now, this shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone but I absolutely HATE the Auto Deploy product as I feel its flakey and doesn’t work properly and can be cumbersome to manage if one is not comfortable using command line. 467 more words

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How To Deploy vCSA 6.0 with a Mac

The new vCenter Server Appliance has a new deployment model, both architectural wise and installation wise.

I wrote extensively about the architectural changes in this post, so I will focus on how to deploy it with a Mac using command line tools since if you want to use the graphical setup you need to be running Windows. 927 more words

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Running a Home Lab on a Single vSAN Node

This is how I managed to run my lab on a single vSAN node and manage it completely Windows free, which is always a goal for a Mac user like me; with vSphere 6 this is a lot easier than it used to be in the past thanks to improvement in the Web Client (and the fact that the fat client doesn’t connect to vCenter anymore) and also thanks to the new VCSA that comes with deployment tools for Mac. 1,778 more words

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vCenter Server Example Upgrade Paths

How can upgrade vSphere 5.5 to 6.0.0?


I upgraded my lab environment the last day, and i share for you any screenshots.

I used my vCenter Servers in Linked Mode options. 35 more words


vSphere DRS and HA

Turning on DRS (Distributed Resource Scheduler) in a new Cluster will add an additional option to choose from.

Automation Level has three options:

  • Manual

The DRS Cluster will suggest relocation of VMs but not execute them. 782 more words

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nVidia GRID K2 vDGA with VMware Horizon View using PCoIP

Today I’d like to share a very interesting lab session with you all – the result will be a┬ádedicated virtual machine with one of nVidia GRID K2’s GPU Cores enabled and accessed via Horizon View’s PCoIP protocol, where we’ll take a small look at its performance and parameters. 769 more words


How to create and mount an NFS datastore

NFS is not optimized for virtual machines just like VMFS is, but is still widely used by admins. It is the storage solution with the worst performance among iSCSI and FC. 324 more words

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