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Installing vCenter 6 in Enhanced Linked Mode - Step By Step

With many changes to the Architecture in version 6, there also happened to be many ways to deploy a vCenter Server in the environment. For the small environments, the embedded mode is pretty much the right choice, however for the bigger environments with multiple vCenter Servers, Enhanced Linked Mode is what needed. 685 more words

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Nested virtualization. Виртуальный ЦОД VMWare или ESXi 5.5 на ESXi 5.5. Часть 1.

Nested virtualization. Виртуальный ЦОД VMWare или ESXi 5.5 на ESXi 5.5. Часть 2.

Я хочу рассказать, как создать виртуальную тестовую среду, в которой можно свободно работать с хостами ESXi в кластере. 391 more words

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Migrating Networks from Standard to Distributed Switch

Hey guys, in our earlier post on vDS, we have seen how vDs can be configured, this post will help you understand how to migrate networks from Standard switch to vDS, especially the management network. 407 more words

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Memory Overcommit Techniques

After having discussed about the Memory Overcommitment earlier, it’s time to discuss about the different Memory Management Techniques that an ESXi host implements when it is over committed. 540 more words

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Patching ESXi hosts using VUM

In this post, let’s see how an ESXi host/ Cluster can be patched using vSphere Update Manager. Here we will be patching the entire cluster at a time and yes, VUM is goign to take a care of all the VM’s running on them. 572 more words

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Install and Add Update Manager to VCSA

Hey there! In this post you are going to see how to install vSphere Update Manager and configure that with the VCSA 6. I have a Windows 2008R2 machine up and running and i have the vCenter Windows Installation ISO mounted on it. 267 more words

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