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vSphere DRS and HA

Turning on DRS (Distributed Resource Scheduler) in a new Cluster will add an additional option to choose from.

Automation Level has three options:

  • Manual

The DRS Cluster will suggest relocation of VMs but not execute them. 782 more words

VMware VSphere 5.5

nVidia GRID K2 vDGA with VMware Horizon View using PCoIP

Today I’d like to share a very interesting lab session with you all – the result will be a┬ádedicated virtual machine with one of nVidia GRID K2’s GPU Cores enabled and accessed via Horizon View’s PCoIP protocol, where we’ll take a small look at its performance and parameters. 769 more words


How to create and mount an NFS datastore

NFS is not optimized for virtual machines just like VMFS is, but is still widely used by admins. It is the storage solution with the worst performance among iSCSI and FC. 324 more words

VMware VSphere 5.5

VMware vCloud Air: Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand Impressions


I have noticed that there is a hybrid Cloud offering called VMware vCloud Air – Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand. This Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) allows you to have your own environment in VMware’s Data Centers. 927 more words


Virtual switch security policies explained

  1. Promiscuous mode

This mode allows the virtual adapter of a VM to observe traffic in the virtual switch, so any traffic coming from and to another VM can be observed. 203 more words

VMware VSphere

Upload and install applications to a VM through vSphere

If you have some software you would like to install on a virtual machine, and one that does not have a network connection. You can then upload software to a VM through a datastore, but this can only be done if it has been converted to the ISO format. 225 more words

VMware VSphere 5.5

How to migrate iSCSI storage from a standard switch to a distributed switch

This part makes up the end of my first post on this subject found here

Next up is migrating the iSCSI initiators. This can be done without downtime if I have spare NICs to work with. 643 more words

VMware VSphere 5.5