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Cara Membuat VM di VMWare vSphere

VMWare vSphere adalah salah satu teknologi virtualisasi dimana kita dapat membuatmesin virtual di dalamnya tanpa perlu bentuk fisik dari hardwarenya. vSphere sudah mensupport hingga untuk sistem operasi Macintosh. 441 more words


Cara Install ESXi 5.5

VMWare vSphere Server 5.5 atau ESXi 5.5 adalah salah satu sistem operasi untuk keperluan virtualisasi yang dimiliki oleh perusahaan VMWare Inc. vSphere merupakan salah satu dari sekian banyak Sistem Operasi untuk keperluan virtualisasi seperti Proxmox dan lain sebagainya. 290 more words


Data Protection, Data Classification and Tiering

One of the best things about my job is that I get to talk to customers every day about the challenges they’re facing.  I get to act as a pollinator, collecting ideas and perspectives, adding my own into the mix, then sharing them and helping those customers determine what solutions are available and which might be a good fit for their environment. 1,852 more words


VMware vs OpenStack: How they handle storage

VMware’s vSphere and OpenStack form extensive ecosystems, built up to deliver, operate and manage virtualized compute, storage and networking, as well as the systems management tools that deliver resource management, monitoring and alerting. 1,310 more words

VMware VSphere

OpenStack Cinder 101 - Getting back to basics

The OpenStack platform is an open-source collaboration to develop a private cloud ecosystem, delivering IT services at web scale.

OpenStack is divided into a number of discrete projects, each with a code name with parallels to the purpose of the project itself. 1,105 more words

VMware VSphere

Catching Up With Red Hat's Full-Stack Plans

Wonderfully written article that articulates the transformations happening in Datacenter technologies and how these changes not only impact continuous integration, rapid deployment, and scalability but also increase agility for developers to decrease the time it takes to take a product  to market. 662 more words

VMware VSphere