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The Easy Button For Using VMware vSphere With An OpenStack Cloud

The company I work for, Platform9, made two announcements this week. The first is that we have closed a Series B round of funding… 164 more words


Understanding How VMware vSphere Integrates With OpenStack

One of the more interesting developments that we are seeing within the Platform9 customer base and among the users we speak with regularly is the growing desire to leverage OpenStack as a “manager of managers” for different types of technologies such as server virtualization and containers. 385 more words


VMware's vSphere Client copy files between hosts tip

Usually I store windows or vmware iso files in host’s local datastores instead of SAN datastores. So, sometimes I need to access the iso file from another host located on another cluster. 109 more words


That Time Again: Voting For OpenStack (Tokyo) Summit Talks

It seems like only yesterday that we were in Vancouver for the Spring OpenStack Summit and it’s already time to start turning our attention to Tokyo for the Fall summit. 1,659 more words


Under The Covers Of The Platform9 Managed OpenStack Architecture

As many of you know, I recently joined a company called Platform9 as their Director of Technical Marketing. Our mission is to make private clouds easy for any enterprise at any scale. 231 more words


Cara Membuat VM di VMWare vSphere

VMWare vSphere adalah salah satu teknologi virtualisasi dimana kita dapat membuatmesin virtual di dalamnya tanpa perlu bentuk fisik dari hardwarenya. vSphere sudah mensupport hingga untuk sistem operasi Macintosh. 441 more words


Cara Install ESXi 5.5

VMWare vSphere Server 5.5 atau ESXi 5.5 adalah salah satu sistem operasi untuk keperluan virtualisasi yang dimiliki oleh perusahaan VMWare Inc. vSphere merupakan salah satu dari sekian banyak Sistem Operasi untuk keperluan virtualisasi seperti Proxmox dan lain sebagainya. 290 more words