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Import and export an OVA

It is straightforward to use the C# vSphere GUI to import or export an OVA.  But what if you want to import or export an OVA in a shell script?   89 more words

VMware vExpert 2016 Award Announced


I wanted to share with you that I am listed as a vExpert for 2016. This is my first year as a vExpert and I will try hard not to be the last. 197 more words


Rescan disk in Linux

When adding disks or enlarging existing disk in our VMs I use this twoliner to trigger a rescan of disks:

for i in /sys/class/scsi_host/host*/scan ; do echo "- - -" >$i ; done
for i in /sys/class/scsi_disk/*/device/rescan ; do echo "1" >$i ; done

Where is ESX installed?

Under vCenter go to the Host > Configuration > Storage > Devices

Then look for a datastore that has a few partitions such as Legacy MBR and VMware Diagnostic.   10 more words

vExpert 2016

A while ago myself and a couple friends formed a group that focusses on VMware, storage, networking and Microsoft – AKA infrastructure.

During one of our discussions, somehow vExpert was brought up. 140 more words


Made it! - vExpert 2016

As a relatively newish blogger I am super excited and proud to say that I made the list of vExperts for 2016. For those that aren’t familiar the vExpert award from VMware is an award for contribution to the community. 55 more words


New book - vSphere High Performance Essentials

If you’re a system administrator who has some experience with VMware vSphere but would like a quick guide to be able to identify and fix performance issues in your vSphere systems, then this book is for you. 63 more words