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The vSphere Hardening Guide - Where do I start?

  1. Ask yourself the question, what’s my compliance policy for the company, HIPPA, PCI, SOX, DISA, STIG, etc…
  2. Have I spoken to my internal audit staff?
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Deploying Log Collector VM on a VMWare ESX Server

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Security Director Log Collector Overview https://www.juniper.net/documentation/en_US/junos-space18.1/topics/concept/junos-space-sd-lc-overview-installing.html

About Log Collector:

The Junos Space Security Director Logging and Reporting module enables log collection across multiple SRX Series devices and enables log visualization. 477 more words


ESXi 6.0 to 6.5 Upgrade

This weekend has turned out to be a challenge. Upgrading our VMware Horizon 7 estate to the latest release involved upgrading all the components from connection servers, security server, composer, vCenter and vSphere hosts. 776 more words


Iso Image adalah disk image dari Optical Disc. Dengan kata lain, ini adalah file arsip yang berisi semua yang akan ditulis ke Optical Disk…

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Secure Shell (SSH) adalah sebuah protokol jaringan kriptografi untuk komunikasi data yang aman, login antarmuka baris perintah, perintah eksekusi jarak jauh, dan layanan jaringan lainnya antara dua jaringan komputer.

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Why Blockchain is a solution looking for a problem

In business, the latest silver bullet is constantly just around the corner. There’s always something new being hyped and dismissed soon after. The past few years has seen hype around the likes of cloud computing, the importance of millennials and social media. 15 more words