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Unregistering vSphere Replication Plugin from vCenter

This week I was having some trouble with vSphere Replication appliances in my lab and decided to rip apart my replication setup. I logined to my VR appliance VAMI address and unregistered VRMS from vCenter Server. 372 more words


Top vBlog 2016 - Voting now open

So it’s that time again, when the general public gets to vote for their top 12 blogs on VMware and virtualisation!

Eric Siebert of vSphere-land.com… 112 more words


Changes to VMware NSX Licensing

So yesterday VMware announced a new licensing model for NSX – VMware’s Software-Defined Network product.

Up until now, VMware have only had a single version of NSX available to buy – which customers were not too fond off – it was an ‘all-or-nothing’ approach to SDN which customers found too restricting. 441 more words


Virtual Machines and Vagrant

If you remember a few weeks ago we did a piece on development tools. Well this week I want to expand on two in particular, why they are helpful and how you use them. 1,799 more words

GeekOut Discussion

How to install vSphere 5.5 client on a domain controller

Always give credit where credit is due. Looking for a simple solution I found the following article:

http://www.josephturley.com/install-vsphere-5-5-client-domain-controller/ – Thank You Joseph Turley

But in summary and just in case you are one of the ones that just look for the solution and not the entire blog post, here is how you install the Vsphere client in a Domain Controller: 51 more words

CCIE Collaboration Journey

VMkernel ate my memory

A customer complained that with almost nothing running, 20G of RAM was used and unaccounted for in a Linux VM on VMware ESXi. My first reaction was it must be cache and buffers. 162 more words