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Vmware UAG - It is the right damned password!!!

*Tap tap tap tap*

Login failed

*Tap tap tap tap*

Login failed

Yes…You are typing the correct password. When setting up the UAG, there’s a minimum password complexity…It just doesn’t tell you that you met it or not… Honestly it’s up there with the firewall changes for VROPS they don’t tell you about, plus calling Domains ‘Realms’… 68 more words

Dealing With Storage Scale in Docker Environments - Project Longhorn Briefing Note

Scale-out storage provides data centers the ability to create infrastructures that can scale to meet the capacity demands of hyper-scale environments. Flash provides data centers the ability to meet the performance demands of the hyper-scale environments. 1,017 more words


PowerCLI: Testing your networks

If you are knee-deep in a troubleshooting session with a customer you want to be able to have some tools ready that do some tests for you. 3,204 more words


VMware Tools Kurulumu (Turkish)

Nedir? : VMwareTools, sanallaştırma platformunda sanal makine performansını arttırmak amacıyla kurulan bir pakettir.

Nasıl Kurulur? : Linux sistemlerde ilk olarak mount işlemi ile içerisindeki tar.gz uzantılı dosyayı sunucuya kaydedip kurulum yapmanız gerekmektedir. 90 more words


Horizon Logon Monitor Data Analysis

For those of you who don’t know, the very useful fling for the Horizon Logon Monitor fling has now been built into the Horizon agent as of 7.1. 342 more words

PowerCLI: Find a VM Based on RDM's LUN ID

Let’s say you have a LUN ID that you clearly know is a RDM. How do you determine what virtual machine is associated with that disk? 289 more words