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Install RealVNC server on RPi

My devices: RPi2 (Jessie) and WIN 10 laptop

Many tutorials about setting VNC server on RPi use tightvncserver, and I follow their steps without doubt. Nonetheless, I realize it’s not that good when I begin learning OpenCV… 162 more words


Run VNC at Boot

My devices: RPi 2 (Jessie) and WIN 10 laptop

Most people suggest creating a file in /etc/init.d, and then making it executable, just like this tutorial… 176 more words


Urmatoarele 12-18 luni vor apartine companiilor relativ mici si ilichide

Astfel daca eternele “blue-chip-uri” sunt tranzactionate pe piata de la Bucuresti mai degraba in corelatie cu evolutiile indicilor si/sau companiilor similare de pe pietele internationale … companiile mici si relativ ilichide sunt mai degraba de analizat in corelatie cu evolutia economiei locale. 333 more words

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Fountain of Youth feat. Risa Hirako

Past weeks, an unseemingly 45-year-old woman by the name of Risa Hirako, is consequently gain attention on the social media site, Instagram.  The model, who was apparently born on February 14, 1971, in Tokyo, Japan, is described on her Wikipedia page as a fashion model who has produced fashion brands and appeared in music videos. 241 more words


Your Date-Night Beauty Plan

Why settle for hot when you can look scorching? These moves will wear your sexy image into his memory.

  1. Keep your blowout bodacious

To get the oomphiest tresses, twist your hair into a tight bun right after you blow it out, and secure it with a pair of chopsticks- they won’t dent your do like an elastic. 303 more words


Porting Debian Linux to your cell phone part 3 of 3

If you are still with me, then you have already set up your phone to first boot Debian Linux, and then Linux will start Android in a chroot environment. 1,791 more words

Cell Phone

Turning my Note into a Cintiq

A bad workman blames his tools. A good workman gets the right tools to begin with.
Kraw the Krow

I’ve been experimenting with (surprise!) digital…

386 more words