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Remotely Access Your Raspberry Pi Part 5a: Desktop GUI Access (Extras)

In my previous post I went over the bare minimum of what was needed to enable and use remote desktop access to a Raspberry Pi. Over this weekend I’ve had the chance to play around a bit and learn a few more things. 1,068 more words

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Remotely Access Your Raspberry Pi Part 5: Desktop GUI Access

In this, partĀ five of my series on remotely accessing your Raspberry Pi from another computer, I’m going to look at getting access to a desktop graphical user interface (GUI). 1,146 more words

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Clipboard copy

As a follow up to the previous article on setup of VNC server and client, I believe that it would be very easy to copy and paste between the client and the server windows. 17 more words

Jump Server

In working with the OPNFV project, I kept encountering the term “jump server” without much context. I assumed that it was a convenience *until* I attempted to install OPNFV’s Arno release. 233 more words


VNC Viewer for PowerPC

Within the past few weeks I’ve been using my G5 2.3GHz (there is a story behind this machine, was originally an original 2003 dual 2GHz but now has the hearts of a early 2005 2.3GHz. 159 more words


FreeBSD, VNC, Gnome, et. al.

Some of us use Windows as our work environment, while some of us use GNU/Linux. And yet, some of us use FreeBSD. Now assuming you are to ssh to your remote Linux or Unix server with your account and work, the most popular option is to use Putty. 570 more words