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Remote Control of Your Raspberry Pi

I get asked a lot about controlling my headless Raspberry Pi setup and while there are many ways of doing it lately have been using VNC and have started recommending that to everyone. 554 more words


Connecting remotely via SSH/VNC

So I was heading up for a 2-week visit to my hometown and decided to take my work laptop (Window 10) with me. Now apart from work, I do most of my development from my personal laptop (Ubuntu 17.10). 588 more words

Ontario hospital exposed thousands of unused IP addresses

An Ontario hospital last fall accounted for over three quarters of the exposed and unusued IP addresses or connected devices among medical institutions around the globe, according to research conducted by two security vendors. 9 more words


Wayland is Painful for VNC.

So in setting up Ubuntu 17.10 on a remote server, you might naturally wish to set up VNC on your box because let’s face it, monitor connectivity is at a premium and command-line wizardry, while amazing, isn’t the best way to go for everyone. 232 more words


How to Access Your VPS Server via VNC in SolusVM?

we can access your VPS Server via VNC in emergency such as when your IP is blocked by a firewall, you are unable to access VPS via SSH or OS

List current xvnc sessions in xrdp so you can reconnect to your old one


{ echo "user pid Xdisplay port"; { ps -ef | awk '/Xvnc :[[:digit:]]+/ {print $1,$2,$9}' | while read tu tpid tvnc; do sudo netstat -tlpn | awk -v "tpid=${tpid}" '$0 ~ tpid {print $4;}' | sed -r -e 's/^.*://;' -e "s/^/${tu} ${tpid} ${tvnc} /;" ; done ; } | sort -k3 ; } | column -c4 -t… 203 more words