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From B&R Automation Studio 3.0.90 to Automation Studio 4.1

I’ve been using B&R Automation Studio 3.0.90 for a few years, but as all IT tools there is always a time when you have to upgrade to the newest version of the software… Well, programmers have to make a living right ;-) ? 252 more words


Raspbian and TightVNC for Dummies

I’ve had some trouble setting up TightVNC on Raspbian, but after 2-3 fresh installs of the OS and a couple of hours of frustration, I finally managed to make TightVNC boot on startup. 239 more words

Raspberry Pi

remote Xfce4 desktop on ArchLinux

Hi everybody!

Few weeks ago I installed Arch linux on my RaspberryPI, to try this particular distro. ArchLinux is a “nerd” distro of Linux, where you must setup every single part that you need to use. 308 more words


Connect Linux machine from Windows desktop

xrdp is an Open Source Remote desktop Protocol server, which allows you to RDP to your Linux server from Windows machine.

Step 1: Install EPEL repository… 133 more words


Connecting To Instances Using OpenStack's Dashboard

Connecting to instances through the Dashboard uses VNC proxy session. The packages “nonce”, “nova-console-auth”, “nova-console” are used. The connection is WebRTC connection so the browser must support WebRTC (e.g Firefox, Chrome,..). 149 more words


Troubleshoot Refused VNC Connection in CentOS 7

The other day I connected to my CentOS 7 computer from Windows via RealVNC Viewer. Everything went fine, but after I left the machines unattended for a short time, the connection froze to the point that I had to shut CentOS down and boot it again. 337 more words


tightvnc [raspberrypi,windows,android]

based on:

on the pi

install software:
sudo apt-get install tightvncserver -y
sudo apt-get install preload -y

configure preload:
sudo sed -i 's/sortstrategy = 3/sortstrategy = 0/g' /etc/preload.conf… 236 more words

Raspberry Pi