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Lateral Movement - Techniques, Tactics & Procedures

So how does an attacker move laterally on the network? The tools may change, but the basic strategy remains the same — Gain access to a lower protected, lower privileged asset, escalate privileges, and then start seeking out interesting targets on the network. 1,697 more words


Setup VNC server on Raspberry Pi

In this post, I will go through with you on how to setup vnc server on the Raspberry Pi. While the Raspberry Pi has a full HDMI port for output, it might be more convenient to access it remotely via ssh or if you would like a graphical interface, you would need to install a virtual network connection (vnc) server. 338 more words


Your Date-Night Beauty Plan

Why settle for hot when you can look scorching? These moves will wear your sexy image into his memory.

  1. Keep your blowout bodacious

To get the oomphiest tresses, twist your hair into a tight bun right after you blow it out, and secure it with a pair of chopsticks- they won’t dent your do like an elastic. 303 more words


How to tunnel with SSH (Port forwarding)

Tunneling with SSH is a real good combo to encrypt every network communication you want. You are also be able to access other network services which are only availble to the destination which you trying to ssh to. 640 more words


June's New Moon

I mentioned in my previous post I brought a small 2×16 dot matrix style screen. As of yet I haven’t got it working. This is most likely due to the way Jessie controls the interface and parses instructions. 858 more words

Project Timelapse

Steps to Install VNC Server on Ubuntu

Steps to Install VNCServer on any VM

ubuntu@karun-sec-4:~$ sudo http_proxy=$http_proxy apt-get update
ubuntu@karun-sec-4:~$ sudo http_proxy=$http_proxy apt-get install gnome-core
ubuntu@karun-sec-4:~$ sudo http_proxy=$http_proxy apt-get install xfce4 xfce4-goodies vnc4server tightvncserver… 78 more words


Remotely Control Your Ubuntu PC from an Android Device

We can use our Android device (wherever they are) to connect and control your Ubuntu PC as a TV Remote and even more.

Imagine you want to turning down the noisy music but you are in another room of your house, or you left your PC turning on and your wife said to you: “Turn off the PC whether you aren’t using it and even worse you’re resting, cold or trying to sleep”. 211 more words