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GAMES: Means Of Transport

MEANS OF TRANSPORT: Match the word with the picture

What is your favourite mean of transport? Play this game and let me know your results in the comments! 33 more words


GAMES: The Beach

THE BEACH: Pick the correct word

Now that it is summer, we are going to need some vocabulary related to this. Hope you all can go to the beach during these months and practice this vocabulary! 94 more words



FOOD: Give the girl the correct food

This time is about food, if you are not sure about your knowledge go and click to review food on KID’S CORNER for a quick review. 61 more words


GAMES: Family Members

FAMILY: Put the right word in the right picture

Do you know the vocabulary related with family members? Give this game a try and let me know your results! 32 more words


GAMES: Parts Of The Body

PARTS OF THE BODY: Write the correct parts

Let’s practice the parts of the body. They are very simple and easy for elementary levels.

Vamos a practicar las partes del cuerpo. 22 more words


GAMES: Colours

COLOURS: Match the word

Today I offer you to practice colours. It is time to stop with the grammar and start with the vocabulary. And for me, I personally believe that learning new words is always more fun than learning tenses. 49 more words


Vocabulário – Que horas são?

Esta é uma aula de vocabulário para aqueles que querem aprender palavras novas e aprimorar o seu vocabulário para facilitar a comunicação em português.

Nível de dificuldade: Básico… 50 more words