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IELTS Vocabulary - Academic Word List - Sublist 8

This is a summary of the words we’ve been looking at for the last two weeks.


Vocabulary Intervention Cube

Grade Level: Elementary and Middle School

Content Area: Vocabulary and Reading

Description: Students take a given vocabulary word and complete and fill in all of the sides of the cube. 22 more words


IELTS Vocabulary - Academic Word List (96)

Virtual friendships via social media are widespread these days.

When you learn new vocab, make sure that you note collocations too. For this group of words some collocations are: 154 more words


Increase Words in Vocabulary

Let us talk talk more about vocabulary today. For speaking English, vocabulary is a vital part building block. If we have different words in our memory bank, then we can communicate with anyone. 286 more words


IELTS Vocabulary - Academic Word List (95)

‘Tense’ comes from the Latin words ‘tendere’ and ‘tensus’ which meant ‘stretched.’ It came into English in the 17th century and was used to talk about our emotions in 1821 when there was a reference to ‘nervous tension.’ 242 more words


IELTS Vocabulary - Academic Word List (94)

‘Revise’ comes from a combination of two latin words: ‘re’ meaning ‘again’ and ‘visere’ meaning ‘to see.’ The common usage today means ‘to look at something again.’ 244 more words


Word Cloud

My son recently sent to me the attached word cloud.

From all the blogs I have written so far, the words that represent my blogs the most are bigger in size than the words that are not highlighted as much. 75 more words