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functionary–noun: a person holding office in government or a political party.

The bar was crowded with senators and lesser functionaries.


Going through Customs and Immigrations - Conversa na Alfândega e Imigração

Hey guys how are you?

People who travel to the USA for the first time may sometimes be a little bit anxious when it comes to going through Customs and Immigrations. 290 more words

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doggo–adverb: in hiding.

The hunters lay doggo near the edge of the pond.


Japanese Adjectives Basics List - Describe Your World!

I’ve separated the list into the two types of adjectives that exist in Japanese. To see more information regarding these types and conjugation click here… 100 more words


How do you pronounce "changeable"?!

Learn it from Marilyn!

After you get what you want, you don’t want it
If I gave you the moon, you’d grow tired of it soon… 144 more words

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cretin–noun: a stupid, foolish, or vulgar person.

On this night of revelry cretins began slipping into the alley and urinating.