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GAMES: Circle the toys

Vocabulary is really important so we are going to learn or review some words related to the topic “TOYS”. Read the headline and find the correct toy clicking over it. 37 more words


GAMES: Bedroom objects

GAMES: Bedroom objects

The topic about housing it never ends, this time it is about the objects around our bedroom. Can you remember any vocabulary related to the parts of the house? 71 more words


Back to School: Fun ELL reading and writing game!

I played this game with a bunch of small group friends last night and the whole time I was thinking that it would be an awesome game for ELL students to practice their reading and writing skills as well as vocabulary. 383 more words

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GAMES: Means Of Transport 1

MEANS OF TRANSPORT 1: Select the picture

Means of transport…AGAIN! I know… But it is never too much when the games are so easy and entertaining, don’t you think? 57 more words


Games: Word Search – At a Party

In the previous post about tips and trick, I told you that you should play some games to learn and memorize new vocabularies.

This time, we will learn and play about vocabularies at a party. 82 more words


GAMES: Natural VS Artificial

NATURAL VS ARTIFICIAL: Classify the pictures

Today we will differentiate what is artificial and what is natural. Can you tell me three inventions made by humans? 70 more words


GAMES: Ancient VS Modern

ANCIENT VS MODERN: Classify the pictures

This game is a little bit more difficult. You have to classify the words in modern or ancient. Let’s feel old! 35 more words