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GAMES: Jingle Bells

JINGLE BELLS: Complete the song

     Christmas is heeeereee! Let’s get ready to sing our carols and we are going to start with “Jingle Bells” which is so traditional. 64 more words


Bingo: A Review Game for PowerPoint

Bingo is a common game to use in the language learning classroom, especially Word Bingo.

This PowerPoint version of Bingo allows you to prepare all your words before class and display a large version of a Bingo grid to your class. 952 more words


GAMES: Health

HEALTH: Complete the words with the correct letter

   We go back to health care this time. In this game you should read carefully the text to guess the word that you have to complete with the correct letter. 57 more words


GAMES: Numbers


NUMBERS: Put the letters in the right order

 We always make mistakes when we try to write some numbers. Those ended in “-ght” are difficult to remember. 120 more words


GAMES: Means Of Transport

MEANS OF TRANSPORT: Choose the correct option

Hi there! Today we will learn about means of transport. Spelling is a relevant skill when we are learning English and above all, English vocabulary. 73 more words


GAMES: School Supplies

SCHOOL SUPPLIES: Put the letters in order

     After a long period of exams I am finally able to continue with the posts. I am so sorry for the delay, anyway, we will keep reviewing vocabulary related with school and the resources that we use in it. 93 more words


GAMES: City Buildings

GAMES: City buildings

How about a tour around the city? This time is about “CITY BUILDINGS”. In this game you have to choose the word related to the building that appears on the left. 36 more words