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Academic Vocabulary: Giving Students an Academic Edge

“Vocabulary knowledge is one of the most reliable predictors of academic success.” (Daily Academic Vocabulary, page 4)   Knowing academic vocabulary is essential for students to understand concepts across content areas; it is also a focus of the Common Core State Standards. 324 more words

Lesson Ideas

English Tongue Twisters

Ready to have some fun with the sound of words?

The students need to have got to grips with the majority of the words and sounds to have fun with this game.  211 more words

Should we pre-teach vocabulary before reading?

Yes and No. Teaching key words before introducing a new passage has always been the way teachers have taught new words.

Considering your class age and abilities it is best to begin with this plan and gauge your classes experience and level. 88 more words

No, it's my computer!

This week we’re working on months with 3rd and 4th grade.

We started out by putting the month cards in the right order. with 4th grade I used half of the memory set, and for 3rd grade I printed an extra set of a4 month flashcards (after the lesson the girls took those to colour).  781 more words


Counting by Fours, Go Fish and Bingo

Today we started our class by counting by fours with 4th grade. We actually had to watch the video twice, because it’s really hard to get all your numbers right without practice – although we can all multiply by four in Russian, in English the numbers don’t come automatically. 318 more words

4th Grade

Counting by Threes, Go Fish, and the Sneetches

On Friday we counted by threes with 4th grade (I hope to do that with 3rd Monday). The penguins and the alternating rhythms in this video are amazing. 253 more words

4th Grade