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Classic Games with YLs

Sometimes we get so caught up in teaching the target language, or in setting up a task, that we forget to add a fun element to our young learner lessons. 337 more words

5 Ideas to Make the Most of Resources

Do you ever find yourself spending twenty minutes cutting something up for an activity that will take up five minutes of lesson time? This is not only a waste of your time, but it´s also a waste of paper, ink, and/or laminating sheets. 364 more words

Vocabulary Envelopes

This is a vocabulary-focussed activity that I like to include in my start-of-lesson routine with early years and primary children.


  • Once the children have already encountered a vocabulary set in context.
  • 340 more words

Zero-Preparation Game: Back Drawing

Here’s a simple game that requires no preparation. Why not add it to your young learner lessons this week?


Treasure hunt with a twist (Rumplestiltskin)

This game can sometimes take a few times to explain, as it is a treasure hunt game which everyone knows, although a little backwards!

How to play: 237 more words

Vocabulary Games

Beat the Teacher Vocabulary Game

Here’s a fun and low-preparation vocabulary game for your primary-aged groups.


  • Near the end of the lesson.
  • After the children have been introduced to the vocabulary items.
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Bang Game

Age: Above 7.
Skill Level: Any.
Class size: Below or around 25.

We called this “Around the world” when I was at Primary school, however my students started call it “Bang game”, which is probably easier to remember (I think you will understand). 276 more words