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GAMES: School Supplies

SCHOOL SUPPLIES: Put the letters in order

     After a long period of exams I am finally able to continue with the posts. I am so sorry for the delay, anyway, we will keep reviewing vocabulary related with school and the resources that we use in it. 93 more words


GAMES: City Buildings

GAMES: City buildings

How about a tour around the city? This time is about “CITY BUILDINGS”. In this game you have to choose the word related to the building that appears on the left. 36 more words


GAMES: Sports

GAMES: Choose a sport

Do you practice any sports? We are going to review the vocabulary related with this topic “SPORTS”. Look at the picture and choose the sport. 27 more words


GAMES: Weather

GAMES: Choose the correct word

The topic of this week is “WEATHER”. In this game you have to choose the correct word by looking at the picture next to it. 49 more words


GAMES: Campsite

GAMES: Match the picture and the word

Keep up with the vocabulary. Now that summer is over, let’s remember the outdoors activities such as going camping. 75 more words


GAMES: Professions

GAME: Professions

Another topic today: “PROFESSIONS”. You just have to choose the correct word to complete the sentence. Look at the pictures and make your decision. 35 more words



GAMES: Circle the toys

Vocabulary is really important so we are going to learn or review some words related to the topic “TOYS”. Read the headline and find the correct toy clicking over it. 37 more words