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Day 11 Study: 2000 JLPT Vocabulary #251~275

I haven’t posted my lists of 25 in the past couple of days because I decided to take some time to review the first 250 that I had already uploaded before adding new ones. 113 more words


JLPT N1 KANJI STUDY DAY 11: 111~120/1017

Day 11 New Kanji of the Day

  1. 膨 ボウ・ふく(らむ)・ふく(れる)swell, get fat, thick
  2. 択 タク・えら(ぶ)choose, select, elect, prefer
  3. 拠 キョ・コ・よ(る)foothold, based on, follow, therefore
  4. 是 ゼ・シ・これ・この・ここ just so, this, right, justice…
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Word: Ergomania


Sentence: In our clinical practice with patients who are suffering from chronic, medically unexplained musculoskeletal pain, we have long been impressed by their frequent self-reports of a marked overactive life-style, also called “

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Learning English


I woke up this morning feeling truly blessed to be married to and loved by a wonderful woman. I know that you’ve probably heard that before and I most likely don’t say it often enough, but you cannot really know me until you know the part of me that loves her. 264 more words


[Vocabulary] Game of Thrones S2E02 : The Nights Lands

VARYS: We were just speaking of your bravery in the victory against the Stark auxiliary forces.

VARYS: I heard you suffered a terrible head wound. The northerners are such fearsome warriors.

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New Kala word

totsi – investment; to invest

Taken from: 投資