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Education: Why do heavier children do worse at school?

Negative stereotypes, anti-fat attitudes, weight-related bullying, does this sound familiar to you? Want to know more?  Well, here’s the full article.


Wine words A-Z - B for berry

Although we usually think of the fruit that grows on vines as grapes, and this is what they are usually called, in wine-making terms, this individual grape is often referred to as a… 135 more words


Build your Vocabulary Part -5

Want to make your writing skills exotic !! Here’s the key :)

In continuation with my ‘Build your Vocabulary’ category, I introduce the 5th chapter, filled with interesting English and some Latin words too ! 381 more words


Powerful words

“The simpler they need to be, the harder it is for me to say them.” Those particular words are taken from the Pope’s musings in… 1,272 more words


about health care

Hi everybody,
In order to complete our homework, I want to share some mindmaps with you.

Where does it hurt? How to say…

Although this one is about China, there are a lot of useful bits and pieces: 65 more words

How to use English idioms - A rude awakening

A rude awakening…

Figuratively, a rude awakening is the feeling of severe shock after seeing the truth of something. A rude awakening would be similar to having a bucket of cold water poured on you while you are in a deep sleep. 99 more words