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We Chef: the programme

We Chef, the programme: to learn more about cooking.

Enjoy with our chefs.


Types of Doctors in English

DOCTOR/M.D. (dokter): a person who has a degree of Doctor of Medicine, works to help sick people, and is licensed to prescribe medicine… 319 more words


Catch: Word Association

Students must quickly think of vocabulary related to the last word said. 134 more words


Back to Spelling

Students race to be the first team to correctly spell a word on the board.  No talking allowed! 484 more words


Building Vocabulary: Using Project-Based Learning to Understand Organelles and Their Functions

Introducing students to the invisible world of microscopic life has always been one of my favorite scientific investigations. Students broaden their understanding of the surrounding world by examining tangible evidence of scientific concepts that cannot be proven with standard empirical observation. 1,669 more words

Oral Assessment