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Pedantic Princess Presents: Words of the Day (Orotund, Palindrome, & Trenchant)

Oh hey, what’s that? Were you looking to boost your vocabulary today with some haughty new words? Great! The Pedantic Princess is here to help (that’s me!) Take a few minutes from whatever you were doing and check these words out: 147 more words

Nothing's as it seems

Rylee’s bubbly personality and refulgent smile could brighten anyone’s day. Anyone except Clifton. Clifton mistrusted perky people. He believed they were hiding something nefarious behind their shimmering friendliness. 81 more words

Writing Prompt



1 : a piece of the peel of a citrus fruit (such as an orange or lemon) used as flavoring

2 : an enjoyably exciting quality… 17 more words


Word for the day

Does this describe you?

Make some sentences using today’s word.


Blog of the Week: 25 May 2018 - My Teaching: Nine Things I've Changed

We’re well over a week into exam season, so I thought now would be a reasonable time to reflect on the things I’ve done differently this year.  129 more words

Blog Of The Week

Vice versa vs. the other way round

The problem with vice versa and the other way round is that in some languages there is one word for these two concepts and many people simply can’t see the difference between the two phrases right away. 660 more words