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1 heraldry : represented on a coat of arms in a lying position with the head on the forepaws

2 : marked by a suspension of activity: such as… 67 more words


Are you a fashion guru?

Are you a fashion guru? A fashion guru is a person who is crazy about buying, making and designing clothes and accessories.


Oenophile's Vocabulary #2

Bâtonnage or lees stirring is a process where the winemaker uses a rod to stir the lees in the barrel until they become fully mixed with the wine. 316 more words


My visual materials project! + first picture (Valencia-Central Market)

Last year before I visited Morocco and I had decided that I should invest some money in buying a beginner’s DSLR camera.  I got so much into photography that it has become a big part of my life. 407 more words


Word of the week 18th – 24th March 2018


  1. The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles that you refuse to change.
  2. An undivided or unbroken completeness or totality with nothing wanting.
  3. 35 more words
Word Of The Week

Developing Purposeful Anchor Charts

We all know the purpose of anchor charts but sometimes get hooked up on either (1) how to effectively create them or (2) how to effectively implement them to where they are impactful to student learning. 67 more words


What Does it Mean to Constellate?

While searching for words that have fallen out of regular use in the English language I found so many that deserved being written about, but when I ran across “constellate” I knew I had to share it. 106 more words

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