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Vocabulary from the Start

Words Denoting Offsprings of Animals:

  1. Ass: Foal
  2. Bear: Cub
  3. Bird: Nestling
  4. Bull, Cow: Calf
  5. Butterfly: Caterpillar
  6. Buffalo: Buffalo Calf
  7. Cat: Kitten
  8. Cock: Cockerel
  9. Deer: Fawn…
  10. 47 more words

Synonyms Another Pace to Enhance Vocabulary

Day 27

1)Zenith: Summit, Pinnacle, Top

2)Zest: Enthusiasm, Exhilaration, Gusto

3)Zealot: Devote, Fanatic, Bigot

4)Ability: Capacity, Aptitude, Talent

5)Abject: Degraded, Despicable, Vile

6)Abolish: Destroy, Annihilate, Nullify… 17 more words



Day 31

1)Archaeology: Study of the physical remains of ancient cultures

2)Assassinate: Murder

3)Attendant: Accompanying

4)Awkward: Clumsy

5)Architect: Person who designs buildings

6)Assessment: Evaluation… 12 more words


Wondrous Words Wednesday

Wondrous Words Wednesday is a weekly meme where you can share new words that you’ve encountered or spotlight words you love.  Feel free to get creative!   191 more words


[Word Wednesdays] Etegami

From the mash up of 2 distinct Japanese words – E, which means picture (which is weird because from my Japanese classes, picture = sashin さしん) 242 more words


Start with what you already know!

You may not believe me when I say but if you are a native English speaker, you already have a load of words at your disposal. 145 more words


Job occupations

What do you do? or… What do you do for a living?

Here’s a little quiz on job occupations for Basic levels of English.

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