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Book Review: This house, once by Deborah Freedman

  • This House, Once
  • Written by Deborah Freedman
  • Atheneum Books for Young Readers: New York, 2017
  • A story about how a house came to be and the materials used to build it before they were used.
  • 446 more words

Yoga pose (information) Tuesday

Well today I don’t have my usual picture and pose. I’ll be honest…I did not have the time to get pics taken. With it being close to the end of the school year, I have to get everything put together for the kids school for the past year. 228 more words


Zipf's Law and my walk to the lab

You know one of the consequences of Zipf’s Law, which describes one aspect of the statistical distribution of the lexicon of a language, namely that it’s a power law (a few words are very common, but most words occur only very rarely): if you’re learning a second language, it’s likely that there will never be a day of your life when you don’t come across words that you don’t know.   63 more words