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Word of the Day—August 25, 2016

adulatory (adj): excessively praising or admiring

The professor’s comments were full of adulatory remarks and really weren’t helpful at all.

Word Of The Day

[Vocabulary] 멋대로

멋대로 (meot-dae-ro) – as one pleases

This is quite different from 편하게/편안하게 in that this word has more of a negative connotation.

Of course, you can use 멋대로 to describe something neutral or positive too, but it is used more often in negative situations. 41 more words


Dame だめ ダメ 駄目

Dame だめ ダメ 駄目 – 😥 unacceptable; hopeless; incapable

/damé/ Emoji: 👎🙅❌❎🆖🈲

1. [😥] (of an action or object) unacceptable   37 more words


Bikkuri びっくり ビックリ

Bikkuri びっくり ビックリ – surprising, shocking

/bikkúri/ Emoji: ‼️⁉️❗️❕😲😵

1. (of an event or fact)  surprising, shocking 

Synonym: 10 more words


Isogashii 忙しい いそがしい

Isogashii 忙しい いそがしい – busy, hectic

/isogashíi/ From isogu

1. [😥] (of a person or time period)  busy, hectic 

Amerika ha dou datta? アメリカはどうだった? – How was America? 19 more words


Daijoubu 大丈夫 だいじょうぶ

Daijoubu 大丈夫 だいじょうぶ – Okay, not a problem, fine

/daijóubu/ Emoji: 🙆⭕️🆗👌👍

1. [😊] (of a situation) okay, not a problem, fine 

Biiru nomu? ビール飲む? – Do you want a beer?  16 more words