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Description: Word Choice

Word choice is the bane of my existence. For my novel, I put so much thought into writing new word combinations and straying away from easy descriptive choices (“ocean blue eyes”). 560 more words


Bring vs. Take

When determining whether to use bring or take, consider movement.

Use bring when moving something toward a specific place or person.

Sally brings the potato salad to Jerry. 170 more words

Confusing Words

The Origin of German Words

It is most interesting to trace the origins of words and their different meanings through time. A man who knows a lot about the origin of German words is my learned friend, Dr. Ferkupyst. Follow his adventures here.


Watching Our Word Wall Come Alive

Guest Post by Elizabeth Siracusa

This spring Lester Laminack came to my home state of Vermont as our keynote speaker at a popular literacy conference. He was such an amazing storyteller, captivating us with his stories for hours and hours. 795 more words


Useful Everyday Phrases

“Words are singularly the most powerful force available to humanity.”

Yehuda Berg, an international speaker and author

What would you say asking someone to let you use their mobile phone because yours… well, died? 393 more words


Word of the Day--Another good learning site

    As promised, I’ll keep sharing fun, interesting, and educational sites.  As a word lover, I do like this one, Webster Word of the Day.

Webster Word of the Day  93 more words