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Lesson 1: Sentence Word Order

One of the main differences between Korean and English is the order of words in sentences. All sentences in any language are made up of different types of words. 205 more words


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Exploiting too many words and explanations.

Clinging redundancy using the same nouns, verbs, adjectives or others consistently with no variation whatsoever.

Furthermost frustration in the tone or vibe when scribbling down one’s masterpiece, (at least for today.) 279 more words


New Kala word

makua – /maːkʷa/ – iron; press; smooth out

Taken from: مكواة

لغت های مربوط به درآمد-ترکی استانبولی


دستمزد ماهیانه؛ مبلغی که بصورت ماهیانه در مقابل انجام دادن کاری به کسی داده میشود.


حقوق؛ حقوق اکثرن از طرف کارفرما روزانه، هفتگی و یا ماهیانه پرداخت میشود و اغلب روزانه و یا ساعتی حساب میشود. 15 more words


Stop "Shoulding" on Yourself!

Anyone who knows me well can tell you that I’m very particular about context and semantics. No, I’m not a “vocabulary snob”, I’m not going to correct your grammar or tell you that you’ve mispronounced a word. 449 more words