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Can You Feel It?- The Meaning Behind The Words

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In my work as a voice teacher, I largely work with people on developing  healthy and dependable vocal technique so they can sing their material without undue strain and fatigue. 176 more words

Earl Harville Vox

prattle & babble – urtext

“Do the languages of the adult retain anything of the infinitely varied babble from which they emerged? If they did, then it would be only an echo, since where there are languages, the infant’s prattle has long ago vanished, at least in the form it once had in the mouth of the child who could not yet speak.

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Creating Singing Work for Museums and Art Galleries

Creating a market for singing as a professional singer often requires thinking outside the box and seeing opportunities where others see nothing.

From 1985-2005 I was successful in creating programs and performing opportunities which were brought into many museums and art galleries in the Washington, DC area. 1,808 more words

Teaching Singing

Backlogging Part One

Oh boy…..

Well, started this blog 3 years ago, posted 3 times, and became so busy with school and performing I forgot I even had a blog. 657 more words

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An update on my daughter's blog (three years and waiting) but I'm so proud of her. I can't wait to here her perform again.

The Changing Beat

My blog has stagnated of late. There are many reasons, but the primary two are some personal issues with family members, and other writing pursuits. Either way, it’s time to focus again on this little corner of the InterWebz. 632 more words

Drum Talk Tales and the Barber of Seville

Drum Talk Tales
Monday, February 2 | 7:00 PM | Storytelling Wing

Drum Talk Tales is a collection of rhythmic folktales and stories from all over the world. 175 more words

...and The Kitchen Sink