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Getting the most out of your microphone technique

How To Use A Microphone In Live Performances

Once you’ve a got a great song to sing and you’ve worked on your visual performance, you need to start working on your microphone technique. 227 more words

Improve Your Singing

Laryngeal Positioning

The topic of the position of the larynx in singing can get confusing with all the conflicting viewpoints shared by voice teachers and choir directors floating about. 12 more words

Earl Harville Vox

Oh Shenandoah - #Musicmonday

This is my first attempt at a self-harmonizing video using the new group video feature on Smule. It was a lot of fun creating this. Hope you enjoy it! 14 more words

Auditioning for College: It's all in the details

Being an active blogger and heavy involved in the online realm of classical music, I have thousands of articles, books, forums, and websites devoted to auditioning at the tips of my fingers. 1,405 more words


An Afternoon of Classics - August 2015

Alexandra is performing a number of beautiful Classical pieces covering opera, art and some Celtic music. She will sing pieces from the renowned artists:

Alexandra Brennan

Can You Feel It?- The Meaning Behind The Words

Hey everybody!!!

In my work as a voice teacher, I largely work with people on developing  healthy and dependable vocal technique so they can sing their material without undue strain and fatigue. 176 more words

Earl Harville Vox

prattle & babble – urtext

“Do the languages of the adult retain anything of the infinitely varied babble from which they emerged? If they did, then it would be only an echo, since where there are languages, the infant’s prattle has long ago vanished, at least in the form it once had in the mouth of the child who could not yet speak.

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