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Hipster Band Rockin'

My train commute home from work gets worse and worse each day. Train carts are crowded, people are inconsiderate and waiting for a train to arrive is painful. 101 more words


Johnny Kemp, Singer of Hit Single "Just Got Paid"

Johnny Kemp (August 2, 1959-April 2015) was a Bahamian-born R&B singer who came to fame with the 1988 hit single and “let’s party” anthem “Just Got Paid.” 414 more words

How To Record Vocals Without Compression

Ask any of the all time great recording engineers what their favorite vocal chain is in the studio and you’ll likely get a list of three things: a microphone, a preamp, and a compressor. 776 more words

Want Big Guitar Tone

Denver Musician-----Jason Vigil

Anyone who has enjoyed Colorado’s music scene for years, knows the name Jason Vigil. He has been in Colorado doing what he loves, making music and recently has been working on new projects with a trio band. 302 more words


Painting with Your Voice

There is much power in the voice of sound. As an artist paints and sculpts with their hands, we have the power to masterfully create with our voice. 441 more words


Percy Sledge, Singer of First Gold Record for Atlantic Records

It’s great to start your career with a spectacular success, but trying to top it, or even match it, has been the undoing of many an artist. 283 more words

Jones - Indulge

This girl’s voice and overall sound is just so accomplished and confident. The new track ‘Indulge’ from Jones certainly continues along the same vein of evident success. Nice.

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