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Chef Sean - Color Money [video]

Chef Sean is a talented songwriter, producer and vocalist who continues to enjoy success as a hip hop artist. He has written, produced and performed lead vocals on four albums: Loud Pack (Independent), Streets Pay Me (Universal/Bungalow/Star City), Been Famous Project (Star City), and Bustdown Buicks & Bottles (Star City). 142 more words

Holly Dunn, Country Singer of "Daddy's Hands"

“You Really Had Me Going” Official Video–Watch on YouTube

Holly Dunn’s wrote her biggest hit, “Daddy’s Hands,” on her way to work one morning. She made a tape of it and slipped into a Father’s Day card to her dad. 158 more words

Tomislav Neralic, Croatian Bass-Baritone Opera Singer

Dafne, Dubrovnik, 1972 (Neralic makes entrance at 1:02:10 as Jupiter)–Watch on YouTube

Tomislav Neralic began what would be a 60-year career at age 18, when he appeared at age of 18 in a Zagreb production of Verdi’s… 89 more words


Fran Pérez "Narf," Galician Guitarist, Composer and Vocalist

“A Flor de Pel”–Watch on YouTube

Fran Pérez, who performed as Narf, was a guitarist from Galicia, the autonomous region of Spain. He composed over 30 soundtracks for theater productions in Galicia and Portugal, as well as for the animated children’s film,  113 more words


Happy Birthday Meredith Monk!

Meredith Monk turns 74 today. An early birthday present came from ECM Records on November 4th: a recording of Monk’s On Behalf of Nature project. We do not have the benefit of language: the “text” consists of songs, chants, and syllabification in unknown tongues. 228 more words


Kay Starr, Pop Singer Who Mixed Jazz, Country and Blues

On The Colgate Comedy Hour (1952)–Watch on YouTube

For decades Kay Starr was a jukebox favorite, racking up millions of record sales. When RCA-Victor lured her away from Capitol in 1955, they guaranteed her $250,000 a year, a stunning sum at the time. 126 more words


7 Of The Best Holiday Song Covers

Believe it or not, but there have been others besides Mariah, Whitney, & Celine to slay covers of classic Holiday standards.

We probably don’t realize this because the artists who… 126 more words

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