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World is Mine - Virgil

Here are some illustrations I drew of my OC a while ago. He’s actually also one of my UTAUloids (my YouTube channel is nijiUTAU) and I drew him for a cover of World is Mine I’m working on~ I’m eventually going to make a PV with them but that’s taking some time because there’s a lot of components to the video. 14 more words


Moshimo-banashi (translation)

You know, when you death draws near,
I think I would end my life one step ahead of you,
so that I can show you the way around,

395 more words

Little Amy to hoshi no tegami (translation)

Although I’ve made all the preparations
to embark on this distant journey,
I still haven’t received any tidings from you.
Then again, it’s the same even if it came,

380 more words

Hoshikuzu satellite (translation)

Even though it’s only in my dreams
that I can see you,
why is it that when my heart beats fast,
I’d be awakened to reality…?

595 more words


Girlfriend >> nicovideo

Izure feat. Kagamine Len (& Rin)


boku wa itsu demo gloomy gloomy

kimi wa kawarazu meirou meirou

koi wa itsu demo seesaw seesaw… 320 more words


Stella (translation)

Stardust is twinkling across the whole sky.
It’s 2 o’clock in the morning, and I suddenly thought
maybe I might as well run away, leaving everything behind.

525 more words

Plastic Voice by Hatsune Miku PV

Gosh, Hatsune Miku can’t be cuter than in this PV. Hey Tilt-Six, thanks for an amazing masterpiece and this song brighten up my day instantly. Who cares if Vocaloid is a non-existent idol, you can’t deny the feeling you get from listening to her voice.