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Songs In Haiku - Hello/How Are You

Song by Hoehoe-P, sung by Ashe

World on my shoulders

Crashes around when you pull

Just one block away


Songs In Haiku - Gossip

Song by OYSTER PROJECT, sung by Ashe

We’ll live through whispers

Delight in dancing shadows

For fragile gossip


Kagamine Rin - Daydream Palette

This song is a story many could relate where we wished to become like others. Those that have things we don’t have, but we forgot our own special things. 18 more words


A tutorial for using cute Miku

Slightly perverted Master there, but Miku is being cute sometimes. Really cute. The animation was really great despite the plot is going here and there. But this also make me wish there is a real anime series for Vocaloid. 17 more words


Tearful Music Sheet

Tearful Music Sheet >> nicovideo

OkameP feat. Hatsune Miku


kokoro ni kizamitojikome ta kako wa
itsu made mo azayaka na irodori ni afure te iru… 155 more words


Seven Crimes and Punishments

WOOT WOOT First post here lol, to think that my first post here would be a fanfic …. Anyways this story is a Mystic Messenger fanfic where the events of the story is based off the Evillious Chronicles by MOTHY, the person who created the two iconic songs of Rin and Len (I’m talking about Daughter of Evil and Servant of Evil). 661 more words