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tunasarada feat. Hatsune Miku


sukoshi toumawari da kedo itsumo to chigau michi taiyou ga kakureru mae ni
natsukashii kimochi ga ima mune o atsuku saseru yukkuri tōrinukeru keshiki… 151 more words


Picture of The Day: Hatsune Miku 13

Hatsune Miku looking very beautiful in this Picture of The Day presentation. It’s not often you see her wielding two blades like that. And that glorious butterfly wings make it even more of a splendid artwork. I love it so much.


Introducing the Virtual Idol Hatsune Miku!

Nobody in this house blinks their eyes when a large box enters anymore. Normally, these boxes are full of yarn or fiber, but boxes full of softly squishy wool don’t proclaim FRAGILE YOU FOOL in big block letters. 934 more words

VOCALOID Trials/Demos

VOCALOID Trials/ Demos


Day 9 - A Taste of Tokyo

Today is a bit of an “off day” for me in that it involves a more significant amount of travel, changing home base from Osaka to Tokyo, just for one day, so I can catch my flight early in the morning to Hachijojima for my birthday on the 15th. 613 more words


Wallpaper of The Week: Hatsune Miku 49

Hatsune Miku is looking wild in this wallpaper. I love character with heterochromia especially when its drawn from my favourive Vocaloid character. And that tattoo printed on her face looks so cool on her.