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Anime Theme 20: Hatsune Miku & IA

It is time for another Hatsune Miku theme, but now she has partner in crime being IA. I am changing up the preview of the themes, so now you get to see what it looks like when the start up Google chrome or a new tab. 44 more words


Hatsune Miku To Appear In Persona 4 Dancing All Night As DLC In August

When you think of Sega, what do you think of?  If you are outside of Japan, probably Sonic.  If you are in Japan, probably Hatsune Miku.  401 more words


My Wallpapers - Everyday I'm Miku-ing

Other than buying figures, posters and other merchandises, setting up wallpapers is also another fun way of investing yourself into the anime medium. When I first got a computer, I used to set up wallpapers from my favorite anime and games, which could be anything from Naruto, Bleach (I remember finding a wallpaper of Hollow Ichigo which looked really cool), Final Fantasy VII, Fate/Stay Night, Black Rock Shooter and even Dies Irae. 747 more words


VOCALOID4 Sachiko now available digitally

YAMAHA’s latest VOCALOID4 ‘Sachiko’ is now available for digital purchase, with a physical release to follow some time in August. I’m certain we’ll learn much more about the potential of Sachiko once some producers purchase and use her. 242 more words


Latest Covers: Alice and Senbonzakura!

“Senbonzakura – Metal Version” features Marco Stoppazzini! Subscribe to him here!

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Anime 3D 02: Vocaloid Rana

Rana is a female Japanese VOCALOID that was for the VOCALOID3 engine, and is voiced by Ai Kakuma, a Japanese voice actress. Her voice is described as tomboy-ish and suited for rock. 85 more words