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In-Depth Look at the Vocalohistory 4-CD Set

So, I opened it up once to copy the CDs to cassette (yes, I am old school!) and to take pics for y’all. (And for my own gratification, heh.) 118 more words


Vocalohistory Song List, English Translation

Disclaimer: I don’t read Japanese, so I rocked the Google Translate. For all songs that are in Project Diva games, I substituted the name I know for Google’s translation. 242 more words


Last Goodie... And it's a BIG one

ExitTunes presents Vocalohistory featuring Hatsune Miku!!! 58 lovely, lovely Hatsune Miku tracks! Limited print of 3939 copies. (Miku Miku!) Thanks to my wonderful darling for importing this for me from Japan. 34 more words


Moar New Goodies! Project Diva PSP Games

Imported from Japan, since the PSP’s not region-locked. Thank you for that, Sony!

Project Diva

Project Diva 2nd#

Project Diva Extend

And tomorrow the big Miku gift comes… 10 more words


New Goodie! Sega Hatsune Miku Project Diva f 2nd figure

Happy Miku!


And here she is with the rest of the family:

I love her! Thank you honey!