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Trying Cosplay Photography For The First Time

Any cosplayers out there?

I have always been interested in photography, even as a kid. It was one of the only things I would continually whine about to my mom. 1,467 more words


Mikuture, the Hatsune Miku app that brings our favorite CG idol into all the pictures【Photos】

The Vocaloid star has been secretly hiding in your smart phone, just waiting for the right application to let her loose. 436 more words


Vocaloids!! WTF Are They?

That’s what me new YouTube video is about! Please check it out and enjoy!


I ship Mikurin too! I think they look really cute together and their voices go well with each other! :3 So now that you've mentioned it, what are your headcanons about this ship? I'm curious to hear about it, and to me, I think that these two would overall maintain a sweet, fluffy relationship.


Hooray another Mikurin shipper! <3 They doooooo, and I think they would definitely have one of the sweetest and fluffiest of relationships. Hmm with headcanons I could write you huge paragraphs but I like to have some sort of prompt, like “What kind of dates would they go on” in order to organize my thoughts.

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