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Music and the Illusionary Divas By William Moo, Canada


William Moo has recently graduated from high school and is now attending Ryerson University in the heart of Toronto for English Literature. Some of the things he does during his spare time include reading, writing, cooking, and catching up on his favorite anime. 571 more words


Song producers, Last Note., compiles the Mikagura School Suite song series!

The Mikagura School Suite is a song series by Last Note. A new compilation album for the series will be released on 25/02/2015. The album will be featuring GUMI. 64 more words

Compilation Albums

16 years after his death, new song by X Japan guitarist hide released with vocals by…hide?!

The Japanese music scene doesn’t have quite the lengthy list of young deaths that its Western counterpart does, but that doesn’t mean J-pop hasn’t lost some of its biggest stars while still in their prime. 414 more words


State of the otaku union – Survey reveals vocaloids up, adult games down in 2014

Long ago, being an otaku, one of Japan’s hyper-obsessive subculture fans, made you sort of an outcast. People, especially respectable adults, didn’t really want to look at you, either out of embarrassment for your childish hobbies, or perhaps fear that having spent the last three days indoors had given you a case of shut-in cooties that would jump onto them. 722 more words


Hatsune Miku at the Hammerstein Ballroom, NY

Hatsune Miku’s first big East Coast performance! It was an amazing concert! The crowd was really incredible, too. It felt like a community of Miku and Vocaloid fans, who are not just consumers, but creators.  19 more words


Software even eats pop stars: Japan's post-Miley, crowdsourced icon

Fans of the wildly popular Japanese pop star Hatsune Miku don’t have to worry about her causing controversy Miley Cyrus-style. Well, unless they design her to. 1,169 more words

Progress Level 3 Banzai Escape

Just only 3 images. So where is the level 2 and 1 progress? Well secret for now… Consider this as teaser.