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Brilliant Political Move by Lutheran Church

By Graham Glover -

We Lutherans typically don’t do secular politics well. Unlike most of our Evangelical Protestant (and even Roman Catholic) friends, we Lutherans tend to be a quietist bunch when it comes to American politics. 531 more words


March 1st- #Worship #lent2015

During the season of Lent, I will be sharing a short post each day as part of the Lent-Photo-a-Day Journey, providing a sort of brief reflection and witness through the journey to and through the cross, to the tomb, and out into the world. 165 more words


What is Mine and What is Not — Or, Why I Want to Smile More

It takes a lot of effort to be concerned all the time. Seriously.
And it’s heavy. It quite literally weighs on you.

I’ve been struggling in recent weeks (months) with what it means to do this kind of work. 598 more words

Thinking Out Loud

My Standards Broke Me, But It's Okay

Yesterday, I prayed a little more than the usual. Stress got into my system, or rather I let it in to me – and thus I thought I would need a bunch of inspiration and motivation to be more productive at work. 865 more words


You Have Heard It Said: Do What Needs Doing

This season I have been directing and producing short visual devotional videos with Netzer.org for Lent. This one features TheoCult contributor Josh Bytwerk.

Check out Netzer’s website for more information and take a few moments this week to watch, think, reflect, and pray.

Justin Ryan Boyer

God Works in Mysterious Ways

Well, it’s definitely high time for an update; I would like to apologize and offer an explanation for my long absence.

As most of you know, I intended to enter a religious community in August, and basically the whole point of this blog was to express WHY I felt called so strongly to religious life. 573 more words


We Come 'Round Right

I had a recoup day yesterday after what felt like a crazy but wonderful week. We had gotten stuck on a trip to Kentucky and stayed there an extra day and then spent the weekend getting ready for a wedding shower/party for great friends, all of which were good things, but I got to the end of the weekend and it felt like all the pieces were moving, and I couldn’t pin them down. 640 more words