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As time goes by

My wife and I recently passed another milestone in our lives. We both turned sixty.

No, this isn’t going to be some lament about increasing creakiness or absent-mindedness (though both are true). 700 more words

Personal Reflection

A State of Denial

Indiana is a state that works…for some, but not all.

I was laid off my position at the help desk at Fastenal. Fastenal is a company that specializes in selling various tools and parts for any mechanical need. 1,451 more words

Know Yourself - Know Your Vocation

“Do you want God’s dreams for your life or your dreams for your life?”

When a kindly priest asks you that question in the confines of a confessional, the “correct” answer is pretty obvious. 1,129 more words


Top Ten Observations on Millennials and Vocation

By Ben Norquist of Opus: The Art of Work

  1. Young millennials want to keep their options open. They might avoid decisions as a result or feel relief when someone else makes a decision for them—then they don’t have to carry the responsibility for the risk of discovering later that the decision was the wrong one.
  2. 469 more words
Integration With The Church

The World Will Be Saved By Beauty

My husband Tim and I met in an intentional Christian community in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We lived together in large households with other folks, pooled all of our resources together, worshiped, prayed, and shared our lives together. 698 more words

Extreme Time Management for the Remote Worker: A Day in the Life

When you wake up and walk down the hallway, open your laptop, work on projects you can’t touch with people you can’t see, close your laptop, and finish your day with some TV dining all in the same 1000 square foot apartment… time and space start to seem a bit surreal. 1,027 more words


When He keeps on going

The most facile way out of a situation which humiliates you, which causes you much pain and, most of all, that makes you feel so alone in the tussle of life is to give up. 963 more words