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Landing a job in Aerospace

Please buckle up and remain seated.

Getting into aerospace manufacturing is not nearly as hard as people may think it is. Almost everyone I talk with assumes that  getting into Boeing or aerospace manufacturing in general is difficult, and they would be right to assume so right? 872 more words

Episode #4 - Positivity in the Classroom and Questions

This minisode of the Conversation is about the pragmatic value of positivity in the classroom. Plus, I’d love feedback on the matter. Email me your experiences and observations at macteachesstuff@gmail.com!


1st Week Icebreaker: Fishbowl!

The first week back is always an endurance test for students, teachers, and staff alike.

Administration assistants who have been working the summer in relative calm find themselves nearly overwhelmed with freshmen student questions, parent phone calls, and a slew of emails and paperwork. 521 more words


Conversations in Education, Episode #1

I began this podcast in September of 2016 to connect with educational colleagues, industry professionals, and students. In this first episode, I discuss my educational background, career history, and podcast purpose/goals.


Episode #2, Mr. Brandyberry, English/Literature, Student Impact, PTA

In this episode, I talk with Mr. Brandyberry: English teacher, Truth-teller, and President of the PTA. We had a very enjoyable conversation regarding the challenges and rewards in education.


Episode #3 - Matt Lysyj, Mathematics, First Year Teacher

Join the Conversation as I speak with Matt Lysyj – first year mathematics teacher fresh out of college! Matt has great advice for instructors of all ages, as well as some excellent ideas and practices for anyone considering the field of education.


The Importance of Supporting Students

The Importance of Supporting Your Students can not be over-valued. A student who has trusted you as an educator to teach them, to guide them to vocational and learning opportunities, must be supported throughout their endeavors – through all exams, contests, and internships. 59 more words