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Globalization and technology relentlessly demand an ever better-trained labor force.  To meet the challenges of this future and to rebuild its middle class, America, it is clear, must upgrade its vocational training. 

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Pauline James

Occupation: retired education educator
Born: Newark, England, June 15, 1943
BSc with hons. in Chemistry, University of Sheffield, 1961—1964
BEd, University of Queensland, 1971—1972… 281 more words


No Victory Lap Yet: U.S. Wage Growth Elusive

By Stephan Danninger

The U.S. labor market seems to have finally healed. The unemployment rate has been below 5 percent for some time and job growth is steady. 688 more words

International Monetary Fund

Skilling India and way to go about it

We are a nation obsessed with university degrees and higher education; however, as per research by Aspiring Minds National Employability Report 2015, 80% of them are unemployable! 585 more words

What do gardens have to do with oversight?

I love to garden and share that love with others. This is a joy that I share with my son. When he was younger and lived at home he would follow me around the yard and loved to rub his hands on the various herbs and then smell his hands.   502 more words

Intellectual Disabilities

How Ghana Can Avoid a False Start in the Race to Excellence in Public Education

We should spend less time ranking children and more time helping them to identify their natural competencies and gifts and cultivate these. There are hundreds and hundreds of ways to succeed and many, many different abilities that will help you get there…

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Vocational Education - Right Choice for Your Future

Vocational Education and Training (VET) is also called Vocational training and Career and Technical Education (CTE)). It gets learners ready for careers based on manual or practical activities, traditionally non-academic and those related to a specific trade, occupation or vocation; hence the term, in which the learner participates.Oftentimes, it is called technical education, since the learner directly develops expertise in a particular group of techniques or technology. 360 more words