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Prospective Professionals Don't Snub Minimum Wage Waivers

Are unpaid internships of any benefit to the student/intern? If not, then why do you suppose several hundred thousand smart students accept them each year? And there are many more internships for which the pay is nominal. 745 more words

Bryan Caplan

Getting more productivity in manufacturing sector in the UAE

The manufacturing sector is crucial for the UAE economy. Sales of manufactured goods are worth over $20 billion a year, and contribute to around 13-14% of GDP. 625 more words

Manufacturing Manpower

Rubio's philosophy on higher education

I’ve written before (see 16 Feb 2014) on the new and dangerous trend in higher education policy in the U.S., which is to suggest that “college is not for everyone,” as if that general shaking out takes place meritocratically, independent of class and race.  1,608 more words


Seek Ye First! -Part 1

George Muller fed 10,000 orphans on faith, but the suffering of England’s orphans wasn’t his only concern. He also did what he did out of compassion for the man working 14 hours per day to support his family. 589 more words


Education for All: Breaking down the German dual vocational system

What do you want to be when you grow up?   What path do you need to take to get there?

In America these are the top questions plaguing high school students around the country.   2,035 more words


A Reform Agenda 21 - The Presidential Manifesto and Education

In the last few articles in this series, before we know whether or not the Reforms this country needs will be taken forward or not, I will continue to look at the pledges in the President’s manifesto which have been ignored. 1,091 more words