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You say second screen. I say first!

I stole this ticklish title from Ogilvie Entertainment futurist presentation ‘The end of TV as we know it’, a nice piece of work designed by @Dougscottogilvy and @Themattdoh. 980 more words


Wandering from Intelligent Things to Smart TV

The world of Intelligent Things

Netexplo presented recently a meaningful conference related to the world of Intelligent Things. What is this world? Intelligent Things are objects which “become” intelligent because they connect to the Internet. 1,125 more words


Smart TV: who will lead the disruption?

Will Smart TV be the same revolution that Smart Phone was for the mobile handset? Is it more an incremental innovation? If the business game welcomes new rules and new entrants, who will be the leader of this disruption? 2,282 more words


10 take-aways to design my smart TV for Christmas

3 years ago, I posted a few thoughts about IPTV, echoing positive feedback from customers on our “TV on-demand” service: IPTV, the television of the 21st century! 771 more words


Young consumers dictating the future of TV

The results of a new research study  – conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Cisco – were published Nov 19th. Investigation of consumer viewing habits and expectations of TV and Internet-delivered TV in the UK ( 356 more words


Pay TV is not dead, and IPTV is a keen contributor

According to Le Figaro article written by Marie-Catherine Beuth Nov 8 and ABI Research study, over 690 millions people pay to watch television. The number of pay-TV subscribers has had a 2% increase from quarter 2 to quarter 3. 75 more words