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Another New Feature, And Another New Ad - Same Ol' Vodafone

Vodafone has a very simple strategy – New Feature, New Ad.

Honestly, this seems to be working for them. They never disappoint with their advertising. Since the zoozoo’s it’s never been a masterstroke, but they ensure that the user will never change the channel. 39 more words

Mad, Madder, Maddest


This is for operator tricks ,network tricks,mobile tips,security tips…etc.


Vodafone 3G internet free

Friend from long time we heard some latest tricks to use free internet, but they don’t work properly…. It’s very bad thing for us those who loved to try some new idea and some new trick.. 238 more words

Se apropie Webstock 2015

După cum bine vă dați seama din titlu, în seara asta vreau să vă vorbesc puțin despre Webstock. Ajuns la a-VIII-a ediție, Webstock – cel mai mare eveniment de social media din România, va avea loc pe 2 octombrie la JW Marriott Grand Hotel. 284 more words


Vodafone grate my cheese!

After 3 months from asking Vodafone to cancel my contract I have today received a letter saying my account has been suspended and I owe £21. 119 more words

Vodafone free 3G 100MB

Get 100MB 3G data in Vodafone Happy Hours (2pm – 4pm ) for free

Today we tell you how can you get vodafone 3G100MB for free.

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It is a big deal. Why payment banks will change the banking game for you and me

The Butterfly Effect holds that a butterfly flapping its wings in some place can, in theory, cause a hurricane somewhere else weeks down the line. The term, coined by Edward Lorenz, came into vogue as weather forecasters saw that a small variation in initial atmospheric conditions can lead to completely unanticipated weather outcomes elsewhere. 1,268 more words