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360 Vodka Bing Cherry

360 Vodka Bing Cherry

Favorite way to drink:

2 shots

Fill the rest with cranberry juice

Cost: $15 (in Idaho)

I actually happened upon this vodka by accident. 213 more words

no more vodka

his behaviour disgusts me

what we did, too

i’m never drinking vodka again

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Laundry doesn’t normally sound like a good thing. But in Steamboat Springs, CO it’s something that is not so bad. Visited Laundry Kitchen & Cocktails… 176 more words

Here Is The Fruity Vodka Cocktail You Deserve

You might think that any cocktail with the word “Death” in it would be terrifyingly strong. But no, nope for this one. Fresh 2 Death is a new and amazing vodka-infused cocktail created by Cardinal Spirits bartender Chris Resnick. 183 more words


Edith's Battery Refill

The Pairing

Arm of the Sphinx, by Josiah Bancroft

The Reasoning

Edith’s powerful robotic arm is powered by a red battery fluid that I couldn’t resist making the focus of the cocktail for this second entry. 78 more words

Cocktail Compendium

Bloody Relaxation

You know, skiing can be so hard. So, when 2pm or so comes, it’s time to refuel. And what does that mean? A Bloody Mary, of course! 219 more words

Thirsty Thursday: The Citrus Fizzy

Sip on this squeeze of the week that I call The Citrus Fizzy.

What I love about this drink is that the bitterness of the grapefruit vodka and lime tonic is complimented by the sweet and dense pomegranate juices. 258 more words