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Rooftop Lemonade

About the Rooftop Lemonade

The Rooftop Lemonade is a light and crisp summer cocktail that will refresh your taste buds. This spiked lemonade is a combo of sweet and sour that will taste even better on a rooftop on a hot summer day. 135 more words


9 more reasons to love cloudberries

It’s been almost two years since I announced to the world that cloudberries are my crack. Since then my dependency has grown worse, exacerbated by a recent trip to the northern hemisphere where I had more access to the goods than I could handle. 957 more words

European Foodie Adventures

Weed 'n' Heartbreak.

A calibrated morphine and all the analgesics in the right path couldn’t stop the pain seared in the middle of my heart and the back of my head, but two shots of vodka and a joint of unfiltered cannabis could give me a momentary bliss. 166 more words

The Shishito Sour is still here at Moshi

This drink was so popular we put it on our regular bar menu. Seems maybe some people thought it went away.

This is a refreshing and elegant sour. 43 more words



daisies and sunshine

drinks as cold as ice

sparkling water, fizzy sodas

spikes punch, bottles of vodka

in this warm cozy night,

i held your hand so tight… 45 more words


Day 15, August 2nd - Galloping!

Today has been very tiring. We packed up as usual, and managed to get away be ten past eleven.

Today, our riding would be different – today, we had the opportunity to gallop! 735 more words