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How to Burn 24 Cupcakes at Once

When alcohol gets involved bad things can happen. And bad things did happen…

The Filling

1) Add one cup of milk, one cup of  raspberry cheesecake liquor, a glug or two of vodka, and an instate pudding mix into a ziplock bag. 440 more words

The Best Bottles to Buy from the Bottom Shelf, According to Experts

“John McDonald, CEO of Mercer Street Hospitality, recounted to me the rise of premium vodka during his days running MercBar in the 1990s—first Absolut’s explosion onto the scene, then the rise of Stoli’s flavored vodkas, and ultimately Grey Goose “crushing everybody.” But when I mention to him that everyone I know who’s been to Russia has returned with a supreme loyalty to Russian Standard ($16), McDonald is effusive. 132 more words

Eat & Drink

Apple spiced vodka

Crab apples are available in large quantities from late Summer. This drink is perfect for warming yourself, sat by the fire during the long, cold winter months. 99 more words

Food & Drink

Crystal Skull Vodka Releases New Expression

There are celebrity endorsed spirits and wine that fall flat on their face – making waves only because of the name or names associated with the brand.   486 more words


Foods of Krakow Walking Tour, Poland

Let’s be honest about tours and their guides. Short tours can be either informative and enjoyable or drop dead boring. I’ve often noticed large, passive groups in city squares, churches and galleries huddled around a guide, and whispered surreptitiously how pleased I am not to be a part of them. 978 more words


Caffeinated Russia

This summer I was invited to Russia. A fascinating journey to the land of vodka, bears and Putin. That’s what everybody thinks.

I was on a mission to discover something else but vodka. 1,327 more words

Some Days Are Brighter

Belinda blinks (16/09/2017)

Dear Kay,

You were happy today. Well, happy is a bit of a stretch but what we mean is that the sun didn’t have to set today for you to feel good. 316 more words